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Bar Harbor Clam Juice


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Hello All,

I want to make a recipe that was featured on the official Whole30 Recipes facebook page a few weeks ago and one of the ingredients is "Clam Juice".  I found a brand called Bay Harbor Clam Juice on Thrive Market, the ingredients are  "Bouillon of Clam" and Salt.  What is "Bouillon of Clam" and more importantly, is it whole30 compliant?  


Also, does anyone have any recommendations for compliant clam juice brands?


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I am not sure what bouillon of clam is.  If that brand is the one you're finding near you so it would be the easiest one to get if you need to again in the future, I'd recommend going to the company's website and finding a way to contact them, and ask them what it is and what's in it. 

I have never bought clam juice, so I'm not sure what brand to recommend.

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