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Hello everyone, My name is Bunny, I am 47 years old and this is my first time posting.  I just finished my Whole30 journey yesterday and I am so very happy!  I honestly can't believe the transformation I have had with my body and the way I was feeling before this.  I weighed and measured myself the day before I started on July 10th.  For literally a year now, I have felt the worst I have ever felt in my life.  I was chronically fatigued, the heaviest I have ever been, every single one of my joints hurt, like a toothache constantly.  I was foggy brained, forgetful and was just plain unhappy with myself.  During my 30 days it was so tempting to weigh and measure myself and THANK GOD I resisted doing it, because that has always been a discouraging factor for me in the past that would prompt me to just give up, when I didn't see any progress.  I followed the Whole30 program to the T and did not waver, which for me is a HUGE accomplishment.  To tell you a little about myself, I am a registered nurse and work in an ICU, I also do cake and cookie decorating on the side (which is my creative therapy for the extreme stresses of nursing.)  The hardest thing during this 30 day journey has been resisting eating my cake and cookie creations that were right in my face and resisting all the goodies that showed up from family members of our patients in the break room at work!  The first week was the hardest I ever had it, complete with jitters, trembling hands and the overwhelming urge to shove a cookie in my face! LOL!  But with each day, I became stronger with my resistance and after that first 7 days, I started feeling so much better, physically and especially mentally.  My foggy brain went away. I am actually seeing more clearly and more aware of my surroundings. My joint pain is ALL GONE!  The eczema on my legs is almost all cleared up and this morning, my day 31, I measured myself and my waistline is down 2 inches and I have lost 8 pounds.  All I did was change what I ate following the Whole30 program with no additional change to my excercising program which is going spinning once a week.  My skin is clearer and I have literally gotten so many compliments at how much younger I look. Today, I start my next Whole30.  I have no more desire to eat any cookies or cakes, its gone and that for me is so big.  I am afraid to go back to the way I was feeling before, this has truly been a life changing experience for me and I am encouraging anyone out there, that YES, this is doable, you can do this!  If I did it, I know the only thing stopping you is yourself and your commitment to not just lose weight but to be healthy and happy.  Get it out of your mind about being focused on weight.  Focus on how you feel and get out there, get active, eat healthy and enjoy your life. :) 

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