Post Workout Chicken Thigh OK?


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I was browsing through the Whole30 for Athletes forum looking for more ideas on PWO food. Somebody made it sound like chicken thighs were not OK post workout because they are too fatty. They are much cheaper though so I really prefer to buy those. Is it OK to eat chicken thigh post workout or should I get breasts for that purpose?

Also if anybody has good post workout food ideas (besides chicken and sweet potatoes because that is what I eat now), it would be great to hear about them!

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The purpose of a post-workout meal is to feed your muscles during the brief window after a workout when they are especially ready to eat. The fat in chicken thighs make them digest slower than lean chicken breasts, so the protein in them may not make it to your muscles in time to do the most good. Eating thighs may do you some good, but probably not as much good as food that will digest faster.

I sometimes eat sardines packed in water as a post-workout protein. Sardines packed in oil are likely to digest slower than those packed in water.

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