Addicted to fruit or not?


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okay, so i'm coming off several years on weight watchers, where fruit is considered "zero points" so i ate them a TON and its basically just a habit now.

Im done my first Whole30 but i must admit, i had more than just "limited" fruit, up to 5 servings a day, minimum 3 servings. I usually eat some berries or a banana with breakfast, an apple and orange at work around 10am and 4pm and sometimes after a work out i like a banana and coconut milk smoothie (i limit my bananas to once a day though) sometimes i eat some dried/dehydrated fruits as a snack.

Cutting out splenda was the toughest part for me as i put it in almost EVERYTHING in the past, including even tuna salad for gods sake.

So i guess my question is, is fruit really *that* bad? How does it affect my body in a negative way that i should limit it to just 1-2 servings?

PS i'm hoping coconut milk doesnt count as a "fruit", but rather as a fat right?

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I'm an ex WW'er too (gold card lifetime member!) , wow if she could see me chugging the full fat coconut milk now! mwah ha ha

and like you I ate a lot of fruit -

Whne I was on my W30 I limited it to a banana after my workout and an apple+nut butter as a snack.

Now I'm riding my own bike I am probably having a bit more than that some days...and "deserts" like blueberries and banana with coconut milk.

I think if you're having them as a snack with no added protein or fat you are giving yourself a sugar spike and that's no good. And probably not doing anything to quash the sugar craving monster either.

Hopefully a mod will join in with some proper advice but there's my2 cent :)

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Fruit is a healthy food choice. Enjoy it! But beware of these potential problems:

1. Letting fruit crowd vegetables off your plate. Veggies beat fruit by a mile when it comes to nutrition, so if you are eating more fruit than you are veggies, you are short-changing yourself.

2. The sweetness of fruit can keep your sugar dragons breathing fire. If you struggle with sugar cravings, you might think that eating a piece of fruit is a great choice... you avoid donuts, but you get something sweet. But eating fruit is not a win-win situation in the presence of a sugar dragon. The fruit keeps the dragon alive and looking for more sweet food. You are better off avoiding fruit entirely until the sugar dragon dies.

You may hear some people warn that eating a lot of fruit puts a damaging burden on your liver. It is true that the liver is THE processing center for fructose and that the liver may not be able to store it all if you eat too much. And it is true that the liver turns excess fructose into triglycerides and dumps it into the blood - a bad thing. However, it is hard to eat too much fruit if you are eating real food like apples, oranges, berries, and bananas. The problem develops when people eat processed foods with lots of high fructose corn syrup.

For me, the question is not how much fruit can I safely eat. Instead I am concerned with eating what will do me the most good. I do eat fruit occasionally, but don't have much room for it because of all the kale, chard, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage I am eating.

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Ohhh so glad I found this.. very helpful... I'm not as much of a sugar person (although I was hooked on splenda as well but kicked that about a year ago and it was as hard as quitting smoking.. just sayin')... I'm a CARB person.. bread.. pasta.. oh my must stop that thinking..

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I love fruit too but I learned a valuable lesson during my first W30 that even though I had adapated to a paleo/primal lifestyle my sugar addiction was still in complete tact and I was feeding it with fruit sugar! I find that I do ok with one to two servings of fruit a day and I am now enjoying it along with my meal rather than as a snack or dessert. Again, fruit is a whole food so perfectly acceptable to eat in moderation (especially if you are trying to lose weight) if you aren't feeding a sugar habit with it.

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Tom, I really love your comment. It helps put the 'sugar in fruits'in perspective for me. Today is day 10 of my first whole30, and I am cruising without a glitch yet, so proud of ,myself! BUT, around day 7 i bought a bunch of strawberries, and by the end of the day, they were all gone and in my belly. Then day 8, i bought a giant watermelon. Today, that watermelon is all gone as well. Errgghhh. Though while i am dishing a bowl up of watermelon and strawberries, and sitting in front of the tv while my night comes to an end, I THINK i am making a great choice. But really, i need to full, and satisfied. WHY AM I EATING THIS RIGHT NOW?!

oh right, tom just said it...i am fueling my sugar dragons. And i have huge, full grown, strong, and vicious sugar dragons. Oh sugar is my best friend...I mean, enemy!

So, with this, besides my morning banana, I will cut all the other fruit that is feeding my sugar cravings, and keeping me wanting more.

Thanks for the great input!

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