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Leg cramps: tried mag, cal + potass


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im writing this after flying out of bed with terrible leg cramps for the 7th night in a row.  Round one day 10 just dawning for me.

I'm a moderate athlete: mix of weight lifting, running, cardio classes and yoga on a weekly basis.  However, I've pulled way back for this introduction period and am mostly doing yoga.

i take a good quality calcium and magnesium supplement each night about an hour before bed (Shaklee Osteo Matrix). This is in addition to my multi vitamin.

ive tried taking baths loaded with Epsom salts in the evenings.

I HATE bananas, but still have started having one before bed.

I still get terrible cramps that start in my calf and then lock up my leg from thigh through the arch of my foot.  I can't get the muscle to release until I stand up and press into it with my fingers.  I even have some bruises (maybe from pressing?)

Im still in the really tired part of my whole 30, and need at least ONE solid night of rest.

any ideas?

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Are you drinking lots of water, like at least 1/2 oz per pound of body weight? And salting your food? Have you looked into maybe some stretches you can do before bed that might help relax those muscles and prevent the cramping?

You could Google "whole30 forum cramps" or something along those lines, i know its been discussed here before. Maybe you'd find more information from that.

There's really not a lot else we can tell you. If it continues, you might want to talk to your doctor about it.

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I know I'm going to come across as "that guy", but that supplement has soy in it...

Have you ever done foam rolling? Assuming you're drinking enough water, foam rolling your legs before bed could help release the tension before bed so you're not waking up with a cramp. And a foam roller will more evenly distribute the pressure so you're not bruising yourself. 

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I'll give the roller a try.  I've been using it before bed, but not keeping it in bedroom to use when it cramps.  That's a great suggestion!

 Yes, I know it has soy; but with other allergies I'm a bit limited in my supplement options. I appreciate the heads up! :)

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