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I am on Day 47 of my first Whole 30 - I started over on Day 15 because I ate some " homemade" Moroccan chicken soup that a friend made but it had Swansons instant chicken broth as the base which I found out only after the soup made me sick!). I have had some amazing results so far and I want to share:

1. When I first started the Whole 30 the 2 things I was most scared to give up we're almond milk in my coffee and wine. Result: I had no problem putting coconut milk from a can in my coffee. But even more amazing is that During my morning meditation i started to realize that coffee was making me anxious. I have been waking up so clear- headed that i have completely stopped drinking coffee. A cup of tea works fine for me now.

2. As to the wine-- I never missed it not for a moment.

3. I have stopped having hot flashes and sleep through the night. If I get up I fall right back to sleep. That hasn't happened in 8 years!

4. I am not hungry between meals. Before the Whole 30 I had a protein and fruit smoothie for breakfast every morning. By 11:00 am I needed something. After lunch around 3 I went looking for the sugar snack. After dinner aeound 9:30 i looked for aorher sugar snack. Now I eat either eggs or mashed butternut squash and eggs ( kinda like pudding) for breakfast, leftovers from dinner the night before or Gennova tuna with homemade mayo and salad for lunch and protein and veggies for dinner. What's more, my appetite has decreased significantly. I can really taste my food and feel my satiety limit.

5. I have made it through some tough days. I had to go away to a family party for a weekend. I made 3 dinner parties at home. I have to eat out for work often. I went to a conference last weekend. I had absolutely no trouble choosing to stay on track. I have a can of Gennova tuna in my purse at all times for emergencies.

6. I am liberated from the scale and it feels fantastic. During the first 15 days of my first whole 30 I could not break the scale addiction. When I started over On Day 15 i put the scale downstairs and I am the happiest with my body as I have ever been. That weigh in every morning informed my entire day. And since I was having such a hard time losing any weight I was always mad at myself. No way to start the day. Now I know that the pants in my closet that I used to wear fit me again and I feel great and I look great and that's all that matters to me.

7. People tell me that my skin is glowing.

8. I don't have any desire for sugar.

10. I have always liked to cook but I am completely inspired by all of the online blogs, by Clothes Make the Girl, and by all the Pinterest postings. Though its sometimes hard with my schedule, I have enough energy at the end of the day to prepare great food for me and for my husband.

What's left to do:

1. I still want to get to the gym regularly. I have a chronically ill husband at home and I work full time so it's been difficult for me to set aside the time.

2. I want to go to bed by 10 each night and get up at 5:30 am so I both meditate and go to the gym. up to now it's just been just enough time for meditation.

3. i am really frightened about reintroduction.

Things that still need improvement:

1. I still get a stuffy nose and headaches in the morning.

2. Constipation still plagues me.

Thank you Dallas, Melissa, Tom, Robin, Derval, slw600, Lorraine, kb0426 for all of your inspiration and support. I read you all every day ( I even laughed about Pandora jewelry!) and I am so appreciative for the support. My awareness about and my relationship with food is forever changed

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What an awesome success story!

It is so interesting to me that I had so many similar experiences. It is such an affirmation that food really does affect our lives in ways we never considered. Food affecting my sleep? No way. Um, yes way!

Thank you for sharing your story, and looking forward to reintro with you! You can do it!

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I know you posted this a while back so I hope you're still reading responses.

I am on Day 20/30 and the last two lines of your post resonated with me as I too am plagued with constipation (regardless of all the fiber rich veggies I'm eating) and I still wake up 2-4 days a week with congestion and headaches. I also wake up with stiff finger joints.

I'm wondering, have you found the answer to either of your lingering symptoms?

Thanks, Dizzy

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