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Starting over....tragedy or triumph??


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So..... story time!

I'm on day 4 and was feeling pumped! Excited about the level of self control I've had in curving the free samples of cookies in Potbellys when I went to pick up lunch for the office. Proud, that I made it through my breadless, sauceless lettuce, turkey and tomato un-sand which while my team was munching away..... Ecstatic that I went to Wegmans found the salad dressing I would need to stay complaint on my girls weekend! Was feeling super confident about my decision to have the hot bars smoked wings and green beans for dinner before it go too late to eat.....


I went home cooked up all of my Whole30 friendly food for the weekend and then settled into bed to log my meals only to find in horror that those smoked wings were 900 calories!!!!!  I began to panic but calmed myself down remembering that I had a great day, ate all complaint food and everything would be okay...

as I lay in the dark.....my minds starts to wonder and and wonder straight to the Wegmans dietary menu only to discover those smoked wings had brown sugar in the rub!!!  I frantically started to google finding a way out of starting over until I can across a wonderful article on the Whole30 website about starting over.

After reading I was overcome with an array of emotions....I really wanted to cry because I knew what I had to do....yet and still, I felt strangely motivated by their words....I'm doing this for me, it will be worth it in the end, I will know if I cheat, and I have to trust the process.....so here I am heading into a girls weekend with diet ready food...and I'm starting over because I'm worth this fight!

end rant.

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