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My modified Whole25


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Hi! My health and fitness journey has brought me here. I did a Whole30 about a year and a half ago and had an awesome experience. I found the food delicious and really enjoyed cooking every meal. But I found during my reintroduction phase that I didn't actually have an intolerance to anything in particular... which I guess is good to know!

I lost a good amount of weight earlier this year (not on Whole30) but it has crept back. I felt like I wasn't the healthiest in losing the weight that I did -- too much too fast -- and it definitely affected my fitness levels. Now I am trying to get back on track by focusing on healthy eating and hopefully slim down a little bit while I am at it (though would be fine at my current weight because I am already slim by most standards).

I am shortening the Whole30 to 25 days for personal reasons and I have decided to do a modified diet -- I will allow myself some limited high-fat dairy: cream in my coffee, butter, and small amounts of high fat cheeses. I also will allow myself splenda in my coffee. That is probably sacrilegious to many living this lifestyle but I have decided that I want more of a 95/5 experience. I want to focus on eating healthy whole foods (except for splenda!) -- not necessarily on the elimination aspect. Sorry to all who may find this troublesome or offensive!

Eliminating wine will be tough for my social life but I think I need the detox. Plus everyone travels in August anyway :).

Starting today off with a couple of fried eggs with a side of strawberries. Going to make my homemade mayo this morning so that I can use some for salad dressing!


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