Ironic how I completely forgot about the Weight Loss!!!!!


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Oh-- "and by the way"-- I lost 7 lbs. but I now hate the scale and I am putting it back in the closet where I hid it doe the past 45 days. I feel good. I look good. And that scale makes me obsess about portions and what I "should " do if I want to lose that last 5 lbs. I prefer to just trust the Whole 30 and just eat until I am full. I can't believe that worked!

My first and most obsessive goal was to lose weight. Despite a total commitment to weight watchers on which i had previously been successful I was not losing weight.

Having completed the Whole 45 i listed all of my wonderful results in the prior post and did not even talk the weight loss. How revealing.

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Hahahaha! I'm the same way! For the first time ever...I don't use the scale and I'm not obsessing about what my weight is. I just don't care! I feel great and my clothes feel good. I'm very happy for you. It is nice to be free from the scale. B)

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I previously lost 35 lbs on WW, but it was very difficult---counting points, restricting portions, always being hungry, choosing to use points on foods that had no value.... the list goes on and on, I'm sure you know. Another thing was weigh in-- after a week of strict counting, depending on the TOM or other factors, it may have seemed that the whole week was a waste of time and not beneficial to losing weight. And that determined the following week. Needless to say, my WW journey (and journey, and journey after that, becuase you cant stay there long, quit, and then go back....its a cycle) was a lot of time, money and effort that never really got me anywhere. Everyone knows to make better choices such as veggies and lean meats, but they emphasize dairy and grains being healthy, which holds you back.

I'm so happy to know about the Whole 30. I can see myself doing a Whole30 every month. It's crazy how your tastebuds change (ie I enjoy coconut milk in my espresso on only day 12 now!, versus half and half and sugar) and how your whole mentality changes---- you forgot to talk about the weight loss, because the way you FEEL is more important than the number on the scale.

THAT is the best thing here.

... along with being free from counting calories, points, weighing foods, measuring with measuring cups, using calculators, etc etc etc. My hand measures everything for me and fits right in my pocket :lol:

Congrats again :)

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