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It's a New Day: KB0426's Post-Whole30


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I live my life with the belief that each day is a clean slate. Celebrate the successes of the past, learn from your mistakes, and make each new day even better.

Sometimes it works!

I want to use my log to be able to continue to learn from my whole30. Review offroading experiences to see if they were planned or unplanned and what might have cause unplanned. I also have a lot of words floating around in my head, and I find it helps me to get them out. :wacko:

Sundays are like a clean slate for the week. Maybe that is why I like to do most of my cooking on Sundays. It sets me up for a week of success.

I am starting off this new week and new day with some reflection and a coconut whipped latte.

Enjoy your day! I will be back later with a recap of today's meals.

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Thanks Ann and Derval!

I am stealing something I saw on Derval's log. I am going to mark anything that is not whole30 compliant in red. That means don't do eat this if you are currently doing your whole30.

Such a productive day! Friday used to be my favorite day, even though it was a work day. It signified the end of the week and we were to celebrate! Celebrate what? Nothing in particular. We could have accomplished nothing Monday through Friday, yet there we were out to celebrate.

I think Sunday's have moved into the top spot. I now get so much done! It signifies a new beginning each week of my commitment to being more healthy as opposed to less healthy.

Breakfast: This was a good one! It was based on this recipe:


I of course did not include the toast or the gorgonzola, but it was a delicious salad nonetheless. I poached my eggs instead of frying. Nothing better than a runny egg! This was the first bacon I have had since before my whole30 and it was gooooood. My eyes were bigger than my stomach; I finished the eggs but only got through about half of the salad. Unfortunately my runny yolk rather destroyed the remaining so I had to dump it. I hate wasting food.

Lunch: I finally had my homemade sauerkraut! I still can't believe I did it. I also had two Applegate farms hot dogs, grey poupon mustard and kale chips on the side.

(What a horrific picture! :blink: )

Dinner: A mish mosh really. I made a butternut squash and apple soup this afternoon. Butternut, apple, onion, chicken broth, coconut oil, thyme, salt and pepper. It was good. Not great, but good. I also had a turkey burger patty topped with a fried egg (fried in coconut oil) and more sauerkraut.

Random, yet satisfying. Some of the soup became leftovers. I filled up quickly!

So just what did I accomplish today? This morning I roasted and pureed a butternut squash, I cubed and roasted sweet potato, I cooked 3 beef burger patties, 4 turkey patties, a pound of garlic ground beef, and made shrimp and veggies in red curry sauce. I also made homemade coconut butter! I had purchased 4 large bags of coconut flakes to make toasted flakes, and had a TON left over. I figured what have a I got to lose? I just set it in the food processor and processed! I added cinnamon, vanilla extract and almond extract. YUM. I made a peach "jam" using instructions that Nancy had on one of her posts with frozen peaches, lemon juice, spices, and yes, I also added a tablespoon of maple syrup. :ph34r:

I also took the dog on a cold 3.5 mile walk. We had the trail to ourselves!

Yesterday I made homemade almond butter; it is far cheaper to buy the organic raw almonds and make it myself than to buy the raw organic almond butter. I made a huge pot of Chocolate Chili too.

I mention the almond butter as I needed some in a shhhh cookie recipe. They are a thumbprint cookie, as you can see.

The base is grain free and gluten free, and they contain no sugar in the cookie. There is sugar in the homemade jam. I did not make the jam; it was a gift from a friend. There were 3 flavors, strawberry, blackberry and dark cherry so I had to use all 3! I told myself that I wanted to bake something for my coworkers.

Here is where I need to pause and reflect. The next time I tell myself I want to bake for my coworkers, I really need to scream BS at myself. I made them for ME and will take the rest to my coworkers to get them out of here. I had 3 of these bad boys this afternoon. Here is the kicker. They were not that good. I think I kept tasting them to prove that to myself. Ha, more BS there. I just didn't stop myself. This is when it is important to remember a treat is a treat no matter what the ingredients.

Oh and yes, I am that evil coworker that brings in baked treats. I even have a cookie jar on my desk.

Now that I think about it, these are going in the freezer. I won't bring anything but the best to my coworkers. My sons can have these when they are home on Christmas break ;).

Well, I think I have gotten enough words out of my head for tonight. Sweet dreams to you all!

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As much as I love Sundays, there is one problem with them. They lead to Mondays.

Fortunately, getting to sleep on a Sunday night is no longer an issue. It seemed before that I always tossed and turned on Sunday nights. Now I sleep like a baby. Or a rock. Maybe a baby rock?

On to the food! Nothing noncompliant today!

Breakfast: Delicata squash stuffed with homemade spicy pork sausage and spinach and fried eggs. Not pictured in a whipped coconut latte. Use your imagination or scroll up to my first post :). I eat the skin on delicata - do you?

Lunch at work: Shrimp and mixed vegetables in a red curry coconut sauce with a side of celery and carrot with sunflower seed butter.

Yes, I admit it. I used my finger to get every last drop of the sunflower seed butter out of that container. Pride? Who needs pride? We are talking sunflower seed butter here people.

Dinner: THE BEST dinner. I love this combination of flavors! Well Fed Chocolate Chili on a bed of roasted sweet potato, topped with a fried egg and 1/2 an avocado. Execution was off as I overcooked my egg. Still delicious!

I really thought about having a glass of wine tonight with dinner, but after a day like today, I need tea and a good night's sleep, not a hot flash.

Sweet dreams!

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Happy Tuesday! I suppose the happy part is debatable; you may have had a much better day than I did. I will remain positive!

Breakfast today: 2 eggs, butternut squash, homemade almond butter, and spices.

All disguised in a Paleo Pancake. :ph34r:

Remember, this is NOT a compliant option for you on the whole30!

It was topped with homemade coconut butter and peach jam. (The jam contains maple syrup and the coconut butter contains vanilla and almond extract.) I also mainlined enjoyed a whipped coconut latte.

Lunch: I forgot to take a picture!

Beef burger patty, plain, served with a side of raw celery, carrots and dill pickles. I also had my leftover butternut and apple squash soup. This meal did not have enough fat; I forgot the avocado at home! Somehow I survived until dinner!

Dinner: The same as last night. WellFed Chocolate Chili on top of roasted sweet potato with avocado and a fried egg. I added frozen spinach to the chili as it was heating to bump up my veggies a bit. My eyes were bigger than my stomach, as half of this went in the refrigerator for another day.

I mentioned elsewhere that I am weaning myself off caffeine for a bit. I am down to one cup in the mornings. Previously, I also had about 16 ounces at work. That is now decaf (at least) and I will work to cut that back. I do enjoy the ritual with my team at work of heading for coffee together. I know, I can get something else, but all I really drink besides coffee is rooibos tea (I do not like the Starbucks vanilla rooibos :angry: ) and LaCroix sparkling water (as well as plain). A girl needs a little variety in life! I used the last of my whipped coconut so tomorrow I either go black or unwhipped coconut. I think black will help the weaning.

I was tempted to make cookies again tonight. My strategy of stopping and asking myself why and whether or not I could resist worked. I knew that I would have eaten a cookie and this recipe is definitely a sugar butter bomb less healthy choice.

Sweet dreams!

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ginsinnot- MN is not too far from MI. I'll get the guest room ready!

Today shall be labeled as Wonky Wednesday. It was like never ending day work wise. Fortunately I did not end up starving, despite the 7.5 hours between lunch and dinner!


2 egg omelet with ground beef, onions and spinach with some coconut aminos beaten with the eggs. Delicata squash topped with ghee on the side. Note to self: do not read email when cooking your eggs. Pay attention!

I had one cup of coffee today with coconut milk. I store my open coconut milk in a repurposed cream bottle. :)

I ate breakfast at 5:30 so was more than happy when my meeting scheduled until 12 ended at 11:30!

Lunch: Shrimp in coconut red curry with veggies, side veggies in homemade almond butter (yes I licked it clean again) and a pear.

I don't eat fruit that often. I used to eat fruit 3-4 times a day before my w30. It was my go to snack. No wonder I was always ready to eat!

Dinner: A late one at 7:45!

I had a bacon burger, fries and chips. :D

Okay, not quite. A beef burger with a slice of bacon and half an avocado. Kale chips and sweet potatoes on the side with some sriracha drizzled on the burger and sweet potatoes. I ate almost all of this!

I hate eating so close to bedtime. Improved sleep has been the most amazing and unexpected benefit of eating this way. I hope my sleep isn't disturbed with the late hour of the meal.

I hope your Wednesday was wonderful!

Sweet dreams!

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Thursday! One day closer to the weekend!

Today I was in an all day training session. Who knew I would actually enjoy it? In the past, I always wondered how I would make it through without my morning snack or my afternoon snack. That, fortunately, is no longer an issue. Winning!

Breakfast: :ph34r: Break out the disguise again as the butternut squash paleo pancake is making another appearance. I would have made one for Ginsinnot too but she did not arrive in time for breakfast! No coconut butter on this one, but I did top it with the Peach jam sweetened with maple syrup. I bumped my butternut squash up a bit to about 3/4 of a cup and that helped the texture. I also had 1.5 strips of bacon.

Coffee with coconut milk on the side.

I did get a second cup of coffee when I got to the training. Black!

Lunch was in the cafeteria. The training was on a different office campus there where I normally work, and I was not sure about the microwave and refrigerator logistics, so I braved the salad bar. Overall, I think I made great choices. Sure, I have no idea if there are any strange oils in the chicken breast, but I felt fine after. Mixed greens, spinach and iceberg lettuce, chopped chicken, hardboiled eggs, carrots, olives, cucumber slices and sunflower seeds topped with olive oil and a pear on the side.

Dinner: zucchini noodles with beef bolognese that I had stashed in the freezer from 2 weeks ago. I was going to make a simple tomato sauce but burned the garlic and decided to not take any more chances from that point. The bolognese was cooked with organic cream and red wine making it noncompliant for the whole30. Hidden under the zucchini noodles is a beef burger patty. I didn't want my only protein to come from the sauce, so I snuck that in there.

I just had one of those bad kind of tasty from the freezer cookies that I made Sunday. I was good with one today.

Lots of noncompliance today but that doesn't make me a bad person. :rolleyes: After all, this is a post w30 log!

Sweet dreams!

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That's right! And if we are going to truly integrate this into our lifestyle as a permanent change, then we need to be okay with whatever decisions we make, and learn what works and doesn't. It isn't a game or a contest to see who can be the most perfect for the longest, it is personal for each of us what our goals are and a journey in learning what works for us. I'm finding my post-30 almost more of a learning experience than the 30 was. And if we veer too far off road (way out in the jungle for instance), we can always go back to the relative safety of a w30. :).

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Thank you for the kind words in my log!

How are you feeling with the non-compliant foods? Is there something specific that you are totally avoiding? Thanks for putting the non-compliant stuff in red; Derval came up with a great idea there!

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Hi Emily,

I am one of those people, whether you view it as fortunate or unfortunate, that does not notice a significant difference when I add in the noncompliant foods. I feel like I have had a good balance of real foods vs paleofied foods, and my sugar dragon is quietly muzzled in a corner.

Dairy makes me stuffy in the mornings, which I was quite used to, and I think gluten makes me hungrier the next day.

I constantly remind myself, however, that just because I don't note a significant reaction, there is one at a cellular level. Despite eating what I was led to believe was a healthy diet, my blood sugars at my physical were elevated and I was deemed pre-diabetic. I had gained 10 pounds over the last two years and was certain I was hypothyroid; I am not.

Those 10 pounds were gone in a month as was the pre-diabetes diagnosis.

I try to keep this in mind as I make my choices. I am SO not perfect, and when I show lunch later, you will see that.

The one thing I am watching is sugar. My sweet-toothed dragon is a bitch and would love to come out to play, but I cannot let that happen. I really do see myself taking an ugly turn if it happens. I don't miss dairy really, and have no desire for legumes. I miss grains, but only in the form of refined processed ones that I use for my own personal baking enjoyment! The challenge for me has been that if I bake, I use sugar. If I bake, I also eat.

This may sound crazy, but documenting my choices here, as well as taking a picture really has been good for me. It is not a matter of me being good or bad, but deciding if I want that food choice to make me more healthy or less healthy. Lunch today was less healthy, but there will be a story later to go along with that!

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The day started out like any normal day.

For breakfast, I had coffee with whipped coconut, and I made a "stack" out of a turkey burger, a layer of Chocolate chili and a fried egg. Sweet potato home fries (really just roasted sweet potato heated up in a frying pan with coconut oil) and half an apple sprinkled with cinnamon.

At 10:55 this morning, I was headed to interview someone. I stopped to have a conversation in the hall, and then the alarms on the floor went off.

We are normally given some warning regarding fire drills, and we had just had a drill at the end of September.

The alarm sounded again, and this time a voice said that there was a security issue, that there was an active shooting taking place in or around the building and that we should head into an office, lock the door and barricade.

Are you freaking kidding me?

Many of us chose to head to a ladies locker room that is on our floor. There were about 25 of us, men and women in there.

I have never had an experience like this before and I hope to never have one again.

We spent almost 2.5 hours in there while SWAT swept the building, looking for this "shooter" and anyone that may have been injured. We got the all clear and were told we could go back to work.

Again, are you freaking kidding me?

News reports and rumors state that there was no shooter, and that a conference room of five had mistaken noises coming from the ducts as gun shots.


Ar 1:30, we headed out. Here was lunch:

times 2.

I did also have a steak salad, which other than the bleu cheese was compliant. I could have had FAR worse than 2 pints of beer and this salad. Think pub food, fish and chips, burgers, etc.

We all say and decompressed for a couple of hours. It was very much needed.

Dinner took no thought or really effort. Hot dogs, kale chips and 1/2 an apple with homemade almond butter.

I ended up not finishing the kale or the apple. I am tired and I have a headache that could be explained by lots of the days activities!

I am headed for an early bedrime. Sweet dreams!

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Saturday was a busy day! Up early, but quite a few hours of couch time with coffee and a cuddling dog. :)

Breakfast, grocery store, lunch, treat making, wine tasting, and then a friend's house for dinner!


Sweet potatoes in coconut oil and a sausage and spinach 2 egg omelet.

2 cups of coffee!

I really do enjoy grocery shopping (just not paying) and got a lot of great food for the week, including a turkey breast to cook in the crockpot for Thursday!

While at the store I got the urge for a salad; that has not happened to me in a while, so I seized it and grabbed a lot of salad fixin's!


A Hugh Jass salad of mixed greens with canned tuna (wild planet), hard boiled eggs, shredded carrot, cucumber and red pepper. I forgot the olives that I had purchased darn it! Dressed with olive oil, salt and pepper. I ate about 2/3s of this before I hit the wall.

I was invited to go to a wine tasting and a friend's house for dinner, and I could not show up empty handed, so I brought these babies:


Heck yes I had one! As Melissa warns, they are candy. Make them to share - and take to someone else's house!

I had never been to a wine tasting before, so the afternoon was a lot of fun. I must have tasted twenty different wines, from sweet Rieslings :blink: to delicious peppery Malbecs. :wub: I picked up four bottles of wine! They were relatively cost effective purchases and I will store them for the right occasions.

My friend had asked if any food was off limits for dinner; I said no! I do NOT have any dietary restrictions. One of the goals for myself once I had completed my whole30 was to eat mostly compliant meals at home, with no concern when eating out or when I have no control of the meal.

No pictures (I felt awkward at the idea of taking one!) but we had beef bourguignon and a lovely bread with roasted garlic for spreading. I had a nice big bowl and 2 slices of bread, one with the garlic and one with butter. I also enjoyed a full glass of wine with dinner.

The great news, to me at least, is that I slept well and had no hot flashes from the wine!! :lol:

Today is a clean eating all day cook fest. Catch you later!

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I just saw your response to my questions about the non-compliant foods; thank you for such a thoughtful response!

I too don't have immediate symptoms from eating anything; for me it seems to be more of a gradual, accumulation thing. And like you, I know that on a cellular level things ARE happening that I can't feel. I want to keep that in mind as I make my choices. I sometimes wish that I did have immediate symptoms because it might help avoid junky, not-worth it stuff... but alas, I actually have to take responsibility for myself! ;)

I am enjoying following your post log and seeing your approach to choices. The wine tasting sounds fantastic, and I am envious that you enjoy grocery shopping!

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It was a quiet yet productive Sunday. This morning I made Well Fed's Best Chicken recipe, I roasted some sweet potatoes, roasted a butternut squash and made a couple of items for tonight's dinner. I also prepped some veggies to allow me to quickly make salads for lunches this week. It is a short week! Happy Dance!

You guys are keeping me out of a rut! I have to remind myself not to eat the same thing everyday so that you have different foods to look at.

Breakfast: Acorn squash baked with coconut oil, salt, cinnamon and nutmeg, then stuffed with precooked sausage and spinach and topped with poached eggs. I also had a whipped coconut latte, but only half! That means I made it through the day with only 1/2 a cup of coffee!!

and the yolk shot...

Lunch was a salad made with some of the chicken I had prepared earlier, 2 HB eggs, mixed greens, carrots, cucumbers, red peppers, olives and 1/2 an avocado. Dressed with olive oil and salt. This was just the right size; yesterday's was too big!

I also had a fudge bomb after lunch.

Dinner: DeLISH! I made Tom Denham's Slow Cooker Chuck Roast and served it over Well Fed's Mashed Cauliflower. YUM!

Recipes first:



and the food pic now :):

Make sure you eat the onions and some of the broth from the beef on your mash. Holy deliciousness.

I also made a fruity side dish. This is a combination of 4 pears, a cup of fresh cranberries, spices, and maple syrup, cooked in coconut oil, then reduced. I then added about half a can of coconut milk and reduced that as well. The cranberries broke down beautifully, and the pears surprisingly maintained their shape and texture so I was not left with a pile of mush. You will definitely see this again, perhaps topping a paleo pancake soon? :ph34r:

A few more chores to accomplish tonight, then off for an early bedtime. I love my sleep!

Sweet dreams!

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Yeah! The Monday of a short week! So, technically we can call it Wednesday ;).

Breakfast: 1/4 acorn squash that I cooked yesterday with some coconut butter and an omelet with onions, spinach and beef. 1/2 cup of coffee with whipped coconut cream. I really wanted a butternut squash paleo pancake, but honestly the fact that I woke up thinking about it had me concerned I was getting a bit too attached.

Lunch, 6 hours later, was almost the same as yesterday. A salad with mixed greens, chicken breast, a HB egg, 1/2 avocado, olives, red pepper, carrot and cucumber topped with olive oil. It needed salt. ;)

I took the picture at a lunch meeting. I was trying to be stealthy so no one noticed what I was doing. :ph34r:

Dinner, again 6 hours later:

Crock pot beef leftovers with pureed butternut squash with ghee and kale chips. Yes, I eat a lot of kale chips. After this I had a fudge bomb.

I had an appointment with a foot specialist today. Earlier this year I developed a pain that has not gone away. Two months of trying to rest it, not where heels, and it is still pained and swollen. I have a traumatic injury that I have no real idea how it occurred, but I have a torn ligament. He recommends surgery, I recommend something other than surgery. I am going to give it 4 weeks of wearing an uber attractive walking sandal and the topical gel he has ordered for me. I would love for this to be the solution. I will be a good compliant patient and wear the really heinous looking sandal.

Off to bed soon. Sweet dreams!

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We are almost there! The 4 day weekend! I am more excited about the time off than the Holiday! :rolleyes:

Eats today:

Breakfast: So I am thinking I need to name this paleo pancake something like the pancake that must not be named. For you HP fans, that is a Voldemort reference of course. ;)

Butternut squash pancake that must not be named, topped with the pear cranberry chutney (can I call it a chutney? What exactly IS a chutney?) a fried egg and 3 slices of bacon! I was at the end of the package. You know how that goes. If you eat two today, you are left with only one. I couldn't deal with making it a half that early in the day! Coffee with coconut whipped cream on the side.

I was full after the egg, bacon and 2/3 of the pancake, and stopped there.

Lunch was 5.5 hours later. It was basically a repeat of yesterday, except today I added a squeeze of lemon to brighten it all up.

Dinner was later than usual - 7.5 hours after lunch. I had planned on zucchini noodles and shrimp, but I wanted something fast and easy. Hot dogs and scrambled eggs to the rescue :P with roasted green beans and reheated roasted sweet potato. Tasty and satisfying!

Not much else to report! Hope you all had a sparkling day!

Sweet dreams!

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