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I'M DONE! :o)

Cynthia NASH

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Thank You Lord for letting me get through it! I didn't have the results that I wanted. In fact my eczema didn't start to improve until the 3rd week ---just like the book said. Then I allowed some situations to stress me and my symptoms got even worse.

BUT! I'm encouraged because:

1. I learned which triggers bother me and I have a better way of dealing with them.

2. I always said I was too busy to eat 3 meals a day, but I realize it only helps me with hormones and sleeping. (This was the first time I ate 3x/day in over 30 years!)

3. I really only missed 3 foods, which I resolved to eat less. So I decided to stick close to the W30 Program, and go back (strict) when necessary.

4. Although I couldn't get them to do W30, my family has started eating healthier, which is a big start!


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If it happens once in a while, it's probably not a big deal, but especially since you note that three meals a day is a big change for you, and you know that it's beneficial to eat three meals a day, you really want to make sure it doesn't go from something that happens once in a while to something that starts happening more. Old habits are very hard to break and very easy to slip back into if you're not paying attention. Maybe when it happens, mark it on the calendar or note it in a journal or on a food log if you keep one, and then you can go back and look to see exactly how often it happens. 

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