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Thank you!!!


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I want to take a moment to say THANK YOU. Yesterday I completed my first ever Whole30 and I feel more amazing than I thought possible. Your website says that 30 days can change your life, but for someone who has been mostly paleo for a few years I didn't expect my 30 days to be transformational...but it was.

Pre-Whole30 I allowed alcohol (wine and NorCal 'ritas) and had a bit of a love affair with nuts and dried fruit. I was grain-free with exception of corn, which was a 'cheat' I allowed myself all too often. And I ate chocolate. I loved chocolate. And I usually loved chocolate the most with my wine and cashews...and I liked that many many times per week.

Entre The Whole9. I attended your seminar in Atlanta earlier this year and loved your explanation of clean paleo eating. The information and perspecitve on the hormonal and psychological perspectives on food were really a game changer for me. I already believed in the concept, but Melissa & Dallas dialed it in in a way that made it all very real, very understandable and very compelling. It yet somehow took me 6 weeks to commit to a Whole30 - and now I don't ever want to fall back in to those 'cheat' traps ever again. I went hook, line and sinker with The Whole30 and I feel so good inside and out - THANK YOU!!!

For me this experience was transformational because it really gave me good perspective on my relationship with food. It gave me a reason to learn how to say no to things I really thought I wanted and help me realize when I would have eaten something 'just because' others were and it helped me determine when I am actually hungry. Now I can differentiate all of that - and that is truly a game changer in life!

I also realized I had a lot of SWYPO previous to my Whole30. It was a bit of an eye opener since I had thought I was eating pretty well previously.These past 30 days have taught me that it's actually not that hard to cut it out. Most surprising to me? I'm not craving anything today, day 31 when I 'could' have whaterver I wanted. Not craving anyting - not chocolate or wine or even the bag of Trader Joe's Cashew Macadamia Delight Trek mix that I love so much and used to devour within a few hours of opening. I've made a point to incorporate pre/post workout meals as appropriate, to eat breakfast (which is now my most favorite part of the day) and I find that I am truly sated between meals.

I feel like could go on for hours regarding how great I feel, but I'll spare you. A few tangible outcomes of the past 30 days that will help me cut out SWYPO for a really, really long time:

  • I sleep better - lots better! No waking up during the night, no night sweats, it's great!
  • My environmental allergies have improved - previously I was taking a benedryl every morning after my workout and before work, and another at night just so I could function. I can't tell you the last time I've had a benedryl. I still occassionaly use Nasonex, but not twice a day like I had been. Talk about changing someone's life - I can be outise and enjoy it. It's truly awesome!
  • My skin is clear - previously when I would cheat too much with corn or dairy my eczema would come back on my arms and eye lids (and I was so stupid I would still cheat!) and now it's gone and I feel great!
  • I feel like my head is screwed on tight - I am thinking clearly about many many things, not just food
  • And the most shallow of all of the wonderful outcomes....I can see my ab muscles and that is pretty dang awesome!

Thank you! Thank you for being passionate about this, thank you for sharing your knowledge, thank you for a very helpful website and resources, and thank you for helping me feel free and incredibly healthy.


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Eeevans -

Congratulations on totally getting the point! So often, those of us with a bit of paleo experience under our belts forget how much we can benefit from a reset like this. I'm so glad to hear about all the lessons learned and benefits gained from this!

Great work!

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