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Starting September 1 (and a little about me)


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Probably too much information, but I feel the need to share...

At one point in my life I was fairly thin and in good shape.  Then after my Dad passed away in 2009 I gained about 60lbs in 2 years. I was broken inside and out.  In 2013,  My eating was horrendous and all I could manage to do was go to work and go home.  I think I went with friends about 6 times in 2 years. I was fed of with being hijacked with my emotions and this person I didn't recognize in the mirror.  I was fortunate to have a good friend who recommended a gym - a powerlifting and weightlifting gym.  I had no idea what that had in store for me, but I quickly adapted a obsession for the barbell and lifting weights. I also had a coach who motivated me like no other and he introduced a macro's diet with some balance that really helped me reach goals.  I managed to lose over 50lbs,  but I looked like I lost closer to 80.  Not to mention I was strong af.   I don't know if I got overconfident or what, but i lost my drive and I'm almost back to where I was.  I've gained over 40lbs and my drive is gone. I feel weak, ashamed and I stopped going to my gym because I was so embarrassed I lost what I works so hard for - I'm still in this space today.

Recently, I've found a new trainer and gym, which seems to be helping.  I can only go about 2x a week because I'm so incredibly sore I can't function.  However, I think I'm about at the point I can add in another day soon.  We just moved to powerlifting movements and I'm finally up to 90 kilos again - (my max, for reference was 137kg/300lbs).  

How did I get here? 


Looking forward...

This will be my second time doing Whole 30.  The first time I did pretty good, but didn't follow it to the letter.  I failed with sticking to 3 meals a day and snacks as needed.  Sometimes I "snacked" instead of breakfast - that happened in the evening too.  I guess I didn't feel bad about it because all the food I ate was compliant and it must count for something (right?).

Well my belly got flatter and I lost roughly 6lbs.  I felt really good and was really afraid to reintroduce foods because i wasn't sure my cravings were completely gone.  

Welp here I am, 2 months later, back to eating sugar, diet pop, those evil but so good banana chips, and beer (and wine).  I haven't got on the scale, but I know I've gained that weight back and I'm super bloated.  I have managed to eliminate dairy since I realized from round 1 how terrible dairy makes me feel, but that's about it.  This week and next, I'm cutting out grains and sweeteners, and limiting sugar intake.  I don't think I can take the full shock to the system.  I want to be successful.  Of course I'll take the weight loss, but I really want to improve my relationship with food and use it as a fuel to be more active.  I may do this round longer.  I wonder if 45-60 days would have make a difference?  Of course I will stick to meal plan closer - the structure and not just the foods.

Here's to Round 2.  

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Hello I can emphasize.  I am starting on 8/28 and am using Territory Foods for many of my meals.  I have the same type of relationship with food.  I have always had a pretty muscular frame which has allowed me to get away with eating poorly at times but not so much anymore.


After reading "It Starts With Food" I feel compelled to treat myself better.

I may stay on longer than the 30 too.


Good luck.


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