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Day 9 as an Athlete - Feeling Great


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My wife asked me to do the Whole30 with her and I reluctantly agreed.  I'm pretty active, and ride my bike about 125-150 miles a week, so I figured I could eat pretty much anything I wanted, so why should I try Whole30 and miss out on those sugary treats I reward myself with before/during/after a ride?  I was also worried I wouldn't have enough energry for my Sunday morning rides from the bike shop that are typically at a pretty good pace.  

We set a start date for August 7, but about two weeks before that date, I decided I would gradually cut out sugar and see if I'd even be able to live without sugar and processed foods.   Once we "officially" started, I kept my riding schedule as planned and honestly can't believe how I feel.  Granted, there are days when I'm more tired than normal, but they are the exception instead of the rule.  But what really has me excited is that I actually feel stronger when I'm on the bike.  I went for a 40 mile ride this past Sunday, and we came to a pretty big hill that's about a mile long.  I was second up it in my group of 20 riders, and I set a personal best for my time!  I was also able to set another personal best on a smaller hill, but this time it was after completing two sets of intervals which usually leaves me completely out of energy.  

With all that, I just want to say how great the first 9 days have been.  It's really opened my eyes to having a desire to eat right, and not use my level of exercise to justify eating junk.  The amount of support available online is amazing and I'm very happy to be making some positive changes in my eating habits.

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