What If My Job Involves Constant Exercise All Day? Meal Timing Questions

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I am 16 days into my first whole30. It's going really well thus far, but I am struggling with the meal times due to my active career/lifestyle. I am a ski and bike patroller at a resort in Colorado.  I am either skiing or biking/doing strenuous physical labor for 8-10 hours per day. Of course I have down time, so I'm not outside the entire day, but in general I would say my day is very active. I have always been the type of person that eats something basically every two hours to keep me fueled without feeling too full and crampy while I'm working. Since I don't have a set workout time, it's hard for me to know when is appropriate to have a pre or post workout meal. Should I just try and eat 3 meals anyways, or have 2 snacks during mid morning or afternoon? Although I've stuck to only whole30 foods so far, I have definitely been snacking more than I should and my goal is to establish new meal habits for the future so I don't feel like I need to constantly snack all day. Any advice with this would be greatly appreciated!  

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You're in a unique situation that the general 3-meals recommendation wouldn't account for. If I were you I would just consider my work-day very active and not a "workout" perse. Then I would probably try to eat 4 template sized meals each day. Try to create them so that they get you around 4-5 hours in between before needing to eat again. If you are finding that it is just way too much volume, really bump up the fat content as that is what is going to keep you satisfied without adding insane volume.

If you do need to eat between meals, stick with a protein & fat combo as that will do you the most good.

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