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Balsamic Vinegar


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17 minutes ago, Claire2122 said:


who knows a compliant Balsamic vinegar brand in the UK?

I've checked and all labels say contains sulphites :mellow:

Where do you source your compliant balsamic vinegar please?

Thanks! day 12 today :lol:


All balsamic vinegar contains sulphites - the problem occurs when they are added after the fact. Does it list sulphites in the ingredient list? If not, and the bottle just says "contains sulphites" you should be good to go.

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Oooh thank you - what a great distinction, I hadn't been aware of that. Kind of like how fruit will contain natural occurring sugars etc?

Thanks Rachel, that's great, as yes, that just say "contains sulphites". Yum! salads just got tastier ;) 


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30 minutes ago, sassy foodie said:

Is this compliant? Only ingredient is WHITE BALSAMIC VINEGAR (4.5% ACIDITY)?  May contain sulfites.

9 grams sugar listed, not optimal. I restarted my program because of this ingredient... was that necessary? Thx!!


Yes, this is fine.  The sugar is naturally occurring and we don't care about the nutrition panel on Whole30, only ingredients exactly BECAUSE most food has naturally occurring sugar... 

A note re: the sulphites, most vinegar has naturally occurring sulphites - the problem becomes when the sulphites are added in which case they'd be listed in the ingredients and then the product would be not compliant but this item is a-ok.

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Aarghhh just figured out my favorite basalmic (that I have like 8 bottles stocked of at all time, I'm a foodhoarder) has added sulphite. Anyone got an idea of brands available in europe that are safe?


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