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August 17 Start Date


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I actually started August 15 with no problems until I ate the Starbucks egg bites this morning - completely forgetting it contains cheese (dairy, soy & rice!).  I was so bummed :( that when I went down to our cafeteria for lunch, I walked over to the ovens and looked at the pizzas...then turned around and walked over to the salad bar and got some veggies and some sockeye salmon instead.  I will start fresh again tomorrow, but will not sabotage the remainder of today!  The last two days were great - I put my mind to it (..."giving birth is hard"...) - and just did it.  This morning was the first physical notice (slight headache) of discomfort.  My biggest worry is my sugar addiction.  So far so good.  Let the journey commence again...

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Excellent attitude! We are absolutely here for you!  If you're worried about sugar cravings and entered into this really wanting to destroy that sugar dragon, here are some tips:

Eat within an hour of waking, a full template breakfast including protein, veggies and fats.
Ensure that your meals are large enough that you are getting 4-5 hours comfortably. If not, bump up.
Do not eat fruit on its own between meals
Do not use fruit or nuts to combat cravings. The only way to kill that dragon is to starve it to death. Either power through the cravings with some water and/or distraction or eat fat or protein if you absolutely have to have something.

You can do this! Best of Whole30'ing to you! :) 

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