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Peri menopausal


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I am 48yrs old and think I have hit peri menopause, hot flushes, missed periods, disturbed sleep. I am 2 days from finished a whole 45. Have seen great results in energy and feeling good, even though I have disturbed sleep I do not get afternoon slumps any more. I have been experimenting with lots of herbs & spices with my foods and WOW, I have created some awesome meals, so much so, that I was forced to eat out during a shopping trip (veg & steak), made sure with restaurant that is was whole 30 compliant, bland is not the word, I look forward to my own meals soooo much more tasty than eating out. I do not feel the need to reintroduce any other food groups right now as I don't miss anything, cravings gone, still get the odd emotional one, Saturday evening fancied a baileys, but know I do not want to have a drink, as there is no nutrient benefit what's so ever! After I realised it was more emotional I made my choice to not bother, was Sooo glad when I was doing my Sunday morning run:). Anyway, prior to whole45 I had stared taking Angus Castus, natural herb for my flushes. I don't want to start them again until I check they are whole30 compliant they contain

Vitex Angus Castus fruit powder, capsule shell (gelatine), anti-caking agent (silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, stearin acid).

Any thoughts anyone?

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