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Pancreatitis after completing a round


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Just got home from ER with an acute case of pancreatitis. They said it was from eating too much fat. I completed a whole 30 during the month of July and had no issues. (The doctor of course had never heard of Whole 30). I asked why I wouldn't have had any issues during that when you eat fat at every meal. He had no answer. 

Anyway....his recommendation was a liquid diet for at least 24 hours. He gave me a prescription for tramadol if needed. Said I could also take Tylenol if I wanted. 

So my questions are: what can I do for this to heal the issue rather than just the symptom? Is it caused from too much fat? Have others also had this happen after completing a Whole 30?



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Sorry you aren't well, @K_L, but unfortunately no one here can give you medical advice on how to treat an illness.

There is not an enormous amount of fat on the Whole30 and since you got the pancreatitis 3 weeks later, I wouldn't think the two are related? In 3 years I have not heard of someone getting pancreatitis after a round of Whole30. You should work with your doctor to heal.

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