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Help! Kombucha - am I overthinking?


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So, last night I had a glass of Kombucha with my dinner and when I was done, went to pour a little more into the glass (I’m using a wine glass).  My sweet 12 year old looks at me and asks me if it’s alcohol.  Our conversation goes something like this:

HER:  Does that have alcohol in it?
Well sorta I guess.
(I remembered reading the label when I bought it saying you had to be 21 to buy it)
HER:  What is it?
ME:  Kombucha.
HER:  What is that?
ME:  It was something in my book that is supposed to be good and has probiotics, which are good for your tummy. 
(I really don't know what it is it just sounded like something cool to try)
HER:  Can I drink it?
No, you can’t drink it.    
She asks again, “does it have alcohol in it?”  
ME:  (Pulling the bottle out and re-reading the label again) 
It must have some because you have to be over 21 to buy it.  I guess there is alcohol that comes from the fermenting process??  
Then I think to myself, "wait, isn’t it the same with wine??".  Needless to say, I put the partial glass I just poured into the refrigerator.  My next thought, "Hmmm – I wonder if I need to rethink drinking this stuff."   

Now, I’ve never had Kombucha before, had never even heard of it until I read the book.  I decided to try it because I read about it in the W30 and one “If/Then” statement was to put it in a wine glass and I thought, “Cool, I’ll have to try that”.  I bought 2 bottles and although the first one smelled horrible, the taste was good, a little sweet, a little bitter – different than water (which aside of coffee - or tea, which I haven’t had in a while because I drink hot tea and I’m not a fan of hot tea in the summer- is about all I drink).  I'll pour some in a wine glass and have it with dinner, or while we are hanging out in the evenings.  I guess I should note: I do not drink the entire bottle in a sitting, more like over 3 nights (not necessarily every night).

I like something other than water once in a while - especially in the evenings.  I love a nice glass of wine -- but I don't miss it at all, I thought I might - I don't.  And, I don't miss dairy (I thought that would be the hardest).  I do enjoy drinking something out of a wine glass with dinner and/or while relaxing at night ..... if not Kombucha, I'd probably put sparkling water with some fruit in it.......before the program, I had even put just plain water in a wine glass.  

So my question is:  Do I need to rethink this stuff or is it ok?  Is this a "ritual" (enjoying something out of a wine glass) that I need to rethink?  Or am I just overthinking all of this and paranoid?  

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I personally don't agree with drinking everything out of a wine glass... i think if people have a relationship with wine, then that's probably not a great idea - a drink can be special in any glass... I once watched Intervention where the woman said that it wasn't the drugs that she was worried about giving up, it was the needle and she had such a relationship with the needle that it overshadowed the drugs... that's an extreme (but not uncommon) example but if you feel the wine glass is going to derail you, ditch the stem :)

As far as the actual Kombucha goes, it reads to me like you're using it responsibly and it's definitely allowed.  I would suggest you actually research what Kombucha is because it's always good to know what exactly it is you're putting in your body, healthy or not.  Then you can tell your daughter about it and you could even do a project together to make your own if you're interested.

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Thanks SugarcubeOD!  I appreciate how you always quickly reply with your words of wisdom and experience!  I started really thinking about the wine glass thing and the fact that I couldn't tell her what Kombucha was and that really raised the red flag for me.  

I don't have to drink out a wine glass every night - and quite honestly don't - but I do find it makes things feel "a little more special".  I think for the rest of my W30 I am going to ditch the wine glass though......see what happens and how I feel.  I think that will actually be one of my "reintroduction" steps - adding a wine glass (without wine)!

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