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Here's to a healthy Fall 2017

Zoe Zamora

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Hi, my name is Zoe! I'm going to be starting my Whole30 on September 1st. I'm really excited to try this for real! I started last fall, but about a week and a half in we had a death in the family, and all things considered, it wasn't the right time to finish it. But I'm trying again this fall and I'm determined to devote this fall to helping my body in whatever ways I can. I have some health issues, including rheumatoid arthritis, and suspect a number of allergies. So I have a plan. I'm going to start with 30 days on the normal Whole30, but if I'm seeing much improvement, I'm going to try doing the autoimmune version and then the low FODMAPS one as well. So overall, I'm willing to make this a Whole90 to see if I can give my immune system a bit of a break, start feeling better, and identify some allergies. I won't deny that it's a bit daunting but I really feel that I need to try this and see if I can give my body a break. Anyway, I'm excited to be here and look forward to browsing the forum a bit more. I think I'm going to keep a blog post about my Whole30 over at my blog, zoeelizabethz.blogspot.com.

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