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RX Bars and Lara bars


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A couple of points:

Remember that sugar (and all sweeteners) is about ingredients, not nutrition content.  Fruit, sweet potatoes, winter squash, and many other vegetables for that matter, contain plenty of grams of naturally occurring sugar.  It is the ingredients sugar, honey, maple syrup, stevia, etc. that are out for Whole30.  This is definitely not a low-carb program.

Re: Larabars and RX bars specifically, the proprietors have made it clear that while these are made up of Whole30-compliant ingredients, they in many ways defeat the purpose of the program (eating whole, real foods that you actually have to cook, with the emphasis on protein and vegetables, and putting in all the thought and planning that eating real food requires).  They say that this type of bar are for true emergencies only, not to be incorporated into your routine.

Good luck!


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We had that discussion in my house where a free Rx bar was sitting in the pantry. My wife took it to work and takes one bite of it to satisfy cravings. When its gone, it's gone. I'm not eating them because while they technically are compliant, I don't think it should be. They are VERY sweet, and basically curb a sugar craving with what amounts to a lot of sugar. We're trying to retrain our food habits, and I don't think that using these bars does anything toward curbing sugar seeking behavior. And if yo know that you have one of these super sweet bars waiting, you'll be tempted to not eat according to the plan, because you know you can snack later. 

And in the tough love department... You can't live without these for 30 days? Really? My personal solution was to simply not buy them. And the free one will be gone soon...

If you need an emergency snack, keep some good quality jerky of some sort. Just check the ingredients. Amazon is a good place to look for them. 

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