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Second time is a charm?


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Tried a Whole30 in June with my husband, who dropped out on me in week 3...I pushed through until Day 27...then caved by dining out with some co-workers.  This time I am super motivated and WILL CRUSH THIS IN SEPTEMBER!  I am a diabetic and I have an A1C draw in October/November and can't wait to see the results post-Whole30.  Current A1C is a 7.2.  I turned 41 this last July and have decided I am not happy the way I am living now.  I want to be happy and healthy and step one is an honest evaluation of how I am living my life.  I am the biggest saboteur in relation to my health and I am the only person who can change it.  I picked up a copy of Food Freedom Forever and am making a vow to myself to break my unhealthy habits and change my outlook.  I am the only person who can change me.  I am looking forward to this experience!  One of the biggest hurdles I will face is not weighing myself.  I religiously weigh myself...it is like an addiction.  I actually feel anxious not weighing in every day.  So this will be a struggle.  I am going to ask my husband to hide the scale for this journey.  My husband says he will try this again, we shall see how long he lasts this time!  

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