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Attending a picnic


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I am only on day 2. Planning to be succuessful. I have a picnic coming up next week and plan to be cautious. However, I am tasked with bringing dessert. I'd like to do something a little more than a fruit tray, but want to stay whole30 compliant, though I get we're supposed to steer clear of desserts. HELP! 


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Hey there

As you said yourself desserts are off limits - for you, but not for anyone NOT on a Whole30... So effectively you could bring any type of dessert you like so long as you don;t eat it yourself... Or you could do a fancy pants fruit tray dressed with coconut cream & drizzled with crushed nuts so that if you really can't resist at least it will all be compliant.

You're on Day 2 now though, and if you're like most people food is probably the entire focus of your being which is likley making you feel a little nervous - you may well find that by next week this won;t seem like such a big issue, provided you ensure there are plenty of compliant proteins, fats, & veggies for you to chow down on so that you're not feeling deprived.

Hope this helps :)

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