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Restaurant Mishap with unknown ingredient...


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In the spirit of Day 9's Whole30 daily, I tried dining out last night. I browsed the cocktail list for one I would like without the alcohol and be Whole30 compliant. So I chose to have a gimlet without Gin. Listed as muddled cucumber, mint, lime juice, and club soda... Perfect, right? 

At the end of dinner I asked exactly how the bartender made the drink so I could replicate it at home. She tells me the steps and then says "our housemade lime juice that has a small amount of sugar and water to round the flavors out".... Oh no SUGAR! I don't want to start over, but feeling guilty the drink had sugar added to it. I certainly don't blame the bartender because I didn't specify that I did not want any sugar in my drink, however I felt the menu should have listed simple syrup as an ingredient since that is added to the lime juice :(

Would you recommend starting over at Day 1?

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