Different Effects of Fats on Satiety & Energy


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Hi all,

I've noticed that I seem more energized and satisfied with the addition of coconut milk, avocado, olives and/or ghee as opposed to adding coconut oil or olive oil. Is there any rhyme or reason (science, nutrition, etc) to this besides it is what it is?

If it were only the olives and avocado, I would think it had to do with "solid" fats but the ghee and coconut milk seem to skew that. Similarly I noticed greater satiety with NY Strip over other cuts (again, solid fat?). I'm guessing my total fat content is higher from these sources because I consume more of them as a portion, but wanted to throw it out there.

I always look for evidence behind these kinds of things. Any guidance appreciated. Thanks!

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I think I'm the opposite actually! But that might be because I can't eat enough avocado or olives. It grosses me out (mentally) to eat the recommended amount for a fat serving. :/ Olive oil and may made with olive oil are my go-to fats. I do also enjoy ghee and coconut milk and feel full on those long enough. I don't with coconut oil and again, it's probably because I don't use much before the flavor is overwhelming.


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