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Sara's Sept Whole30


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Day 17-19

Monday, Sept 11 - Wednesday, Sept 13

It has been a doozy of a week at work. It was announced that Betsy Devos would be the commencement speaker in December and students have responded in protests (http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/maryland/education/bs-md-ci-devos-protest-20170911-story.html

Usually for me, this would mean a week of wine after work or other food I "deserved" because it had been a hard day. Whole 30 has kept me on track. I had a Kombucha after work that came packaged in what we would typically consider a beer bottle...which is a victory in and of itself, because before Whole 30 I couldn't stand the taste. 

However, I have been exhausted the past few days. I am not sure if it is from working extra to be available for meetings and events related to the student protests or if there is a Whole 30 connection. Regardless, I have days of feeling energetic and others of feeling lethargic. I will say though that I haven't felt stressed about the additional work, its just been tiring. I really want that pop out of bed feeling rested and ready to go feeling and it hasn't hit

Tomorrow is Day 20 - 2/3 of the way through! Honestly, of all the things, I can't believe I haven't had sugar in almost 20 days. I have always been one to "want a little something" of dessert or after dinner. I have been having fruit with dinner from time to time, but no interest in eating after that. Huge victory!! I will continue behaviors that keep the sugar dragon at bay. 

The past few days I have began to get curious about what the scale and my measurements are. I didn't weigh myself on Day 0, but I know where my range of weight was during that time. However, to ensure I don't get caught up on that I wanted to revisit NSVs - pg 43. Here's what I am noticing thus far. 

  • I have long suffered dry skin, notably experiencing cracking on my feet and heels. Skin is not perfect, but definitely much smoother than previously
  • Whiter teeth - I didn't measure this, but I noticed a few days ago that I felt like my teeth looked whiter
  • Less gas - I have crazy bought of stinky, persistent gas. Maybe 2 farts since starting Whole30
  • Less lower back pain
  • Less neck/upper back pain when waking up in the morning. 
  • Less ankle pain - sprained badly in high school and was stiff and sore during week 1. 
  • Feel like I have been more patient, less stressed (notably with work situation)
  • Much fewer sugar cravings
  • Sleeping deeply
  • Healthier relationship with food - not using as reward/for comfort

Things I hope still improve

  • Blood pressure. It was a bit lower today, but at 127/89, not that much lower or in the range I would like for it to be
  • Want to quit hitting the snooze button and be ready to roll in the mornings
  • Still haven't been hitting 10K steps daily or doing some other form of activity. Haven't had time or prioritized
  • Continue to develop healthy food realtionship
  • Weight loss - I know that is just one aspect of Whole30, but at over 250 pounds/5'8" losing weight is a priority for my long term health. 

I have been posting my meals daily with photos on Insta: @shillis I find this more convenient than the forum and I am pretty much out of space for photos on my replies!

Day 17 - Monday, Sept 11

M1: sweet potato hash and 3 eggs
M2: salmon cakes, tarter sauce, boiled egg, roasted and fresh vegetables with ranch, pickles 
M: unstuffed bell peppers over butternut squash and watermelon

I think there was a larabar in there somewhere as I came home late from work. 

Day 18 - Tuesday, Sept 12

M1: sweet potato hash and 3 eggs, chai tea with coconut milk
M2: salmon cakes, tarter sauce, boiled eggs, fresh vegetables
M3: Salad with chicken, eggs, avocado, ranch dressing

Day 19 - Wed., Sept 13
M1: sweet potato hash and 4 eggs, 1/2 avocado, iced coffee (black)

M2: salmon cakes, tarter sauce, 2 boiled eggs, tomatoes, macadamia nuts and coconut flakes
M3: Green Curry with Shrimp, Cauliflower rice, mango with coconut flakes and Macadamia nuts, Kombucha



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Check to make sure you are getting enough starches and fats in your meals. Those can really help with the energy levels for me. Your starches look good...but you might actually need more. I've been surprised at how little I'm eating this time around even with my increased activity. Every 3 days or so I have a fist sized serving. It may come back to bite me though if I'm just running on fumes! :o

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On 9/14/2017 at 9:51 AM, madness said:

Check to make sure you are getting enough starches and fats in your meals. Those can really help with the energy levels for me. Your starches look good...but you might actually need more. I've been surprised at how little I'm eating this time around even with my increased activity. Every 3 days or so I have a fist sized serving. It may come back to bite me though if I'm just running on fumes! :o

Thanks for the recommendation! I have increased amount of carbs and the day after I made this post, the mid-afternoon tiredness dissipated and I feel so much better! Finally feel like I have hit the groove with energy and eating!

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Day 20-25
Thur. Sept 14 - Tues., Sept 19

It has been a busy few days! Friday and Saturday we went to live shows - Friday Steve Martin and Martin Short and on Saturday: Joywave, Cold War Kids and Young the Giant. Then Sunday morning we left for NYC and returned yesterday. Needless to say, eating Whole30 has been a challenge and I have eaten a lot of packaged foods the past several days. I asked a lot of questions about food preparation as well, but I also know that some of the foods I ate may have had non-compliant additives or ingredients. Honestly, I had to make a decision that I only have so much control :)

Overall, I am in the Tiger Blood zone. Energy levels are consistent through the day. Making positive food decisions has been fairly easy. The hardest part in NYC was seeing tons of lovely bakery items! 

I experienced a great NSV while in New York. Usually I get tired and cranky toward the end of travel days. In addition, by the early afternoon my feet hurt, my back hurts and I am overall in pain. While we were traveling, we were up between 5 and 6 pm every day from Sunday-Tuesday. I was able to wake up each morning ready to go, had energy throughout the day and didn't experience the normal all over pain from the extra walking. Usually after a long day on my feet, my feet claw up overnight and it makes it hard to walk if I have to get up for the restroom during the night or first thing in the morning. During this trip, I had some soreness at the end of Sunday (and over 18k steps). On Monday, I wore sandals with no support and felt pretty good at the end of the day, with over 15k steps. Despite being up early each day to attend some show tapings, I still had energy through the day. When thinking about why I wanted to do Whole30, travel was among those reasons. I love to travel but often miss out on getting the most out of my trips because I need to rest or because I am cranky. When in Paris almost 2 years ago, I felt like I was so tired I missed out on some opportunities. This week was a significant change to how I have felt in the past!

I am leaving tomorrow and will be traveling on Thursday-Saturday, so will be an interesting Day of 27-29. 

Photos of meals on Instagram: @shillis 

Day 20 - Thur, Sept 14

M1: Sweet potato sausage hash with eggs
M2: Salmon/tuna cakes with veggies, boiled egg, avocado, pickle, tangerine
M3: Walnut crusted porkchop, veggies, potato bake

Day 21 - Fri, Sept 15
M1: Sweet potato hash with eggs
M2: Steak salad with guacamole
M3: Roasted beet and chicken salad, larabar, macadamia nuts and pureed fruit/veg pack, kombucha. This was the night we attended Martin Short/Steve Martin show. Luckily the venue encourages guests to bring their own picnics.

Day 22 - Sat., Sept 16
M1: bacon and eggs
M2: Ground beef and potato bake
M3: hotdog and sweet potatoes, rxbar, pureed veggie pack, epic bar. This was the night of the concert. I was able to bring in some packaged food, but really wanted a hot dog when I got there....so I just had the meat. 

Day 23 - Sun., Sept 17
M1: 2 boiled eggs, bacon - 3 slices (5 am)
M2: 2 boiled eggs, rx bar, pureed veggie/fruit pack
M3: salad, Epic bar, 
M4: steak, steamed veggies

Day 24 - Monday, Sept 18
M1: 2 boiled eggs, tomatoes, almonds, organize, tangerine juice (5 am)
M2: epic bar, 2 poached eggs, bed of greens, breakfast potatoes (10 am)
M3: 2 boiled eggs, spinach, fruit, coconut water, prosciutto and melon
M4: smashed fingerlings, meatballs, seared peppers

Day 25 - Tuesday, Sept 19
M1: scrambled eggs with spinach, avocado, breakfast potatoes
M2: Salad with chicken, 1/2 egg, pureed spinach/apple pack, epic bar
M3: coconut chia pudding with mango, green tea, rx bar, almonds, 
M4: steak strips, mashed potatoes, sauteed mushrooms and onions

I was sooooo hungry at midday on Tuesday. I can only figure it was due to the sad salad I ordered at TGI Fridays and not having enough protein/fat. Or PMS-which usually has me feeling ravenous for about 2 days of my cycle. We were on the train traveling home for M3 and I just felt starved, would have eaten steamed broccoli had it been available :)  

Here is to finishing strong the last 4 days, despite a second trip! I will be well prepared. 

I need to start considering reintroduction. I think I will take my time for a slow process. 

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