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Amanda's AIP Whole30

Amanda Bennett

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Over the weekend I posted on "Whole30 with medical conditions" regarding tackling both the autoimmune protocol and Whole30 at the same time. After some very helpful insight from the members of the Whole30 community, I decided to jump into both. I've been living nightshade-free since July 2011 so I'll also be eliminating nuts, ghee, and eggs to follow AIP.

Today marked day one:

Breakfast: sweet potato hash: roasted sweet potatoes with olive oil and salt, ground beef with onions and garlic; 1/2 grapefruit

Got hungry at 10:30am, but I waited until 11:30 to eat an apple

Lunch: spinach and arugula salad with ground beef, onions and garlic, 1/2 avocado

Americano at 2pm (I started preparing for black coffee 3 days ago)

Dinner: pan seared tarragon chicken in coconut oil with roasted Brussels sprouts

I'm honestly a little hungry still. Hopefully it will normalize in a few days.

I started getting a headache after lunch and it really hasn't gone away, but I don't think it's bad enough to take anything. My stomach is pretty grumbly too. I think my system is in shock from not having loads of sugar, dairy and grains. I had to resist the urge to dump out my coworker's candy bowl into the trash...or reach for a piece.

I already have all of tomorrow's meals lined up, so tomorrow should be smooth. Looking forward to being free of these nasty cravings.

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I felt hungry reading your food log. The food looked good, yes, but I thought what you were eating was not likely to fill you up.

Ground beef is a great ingredient, but be sure to include generous portions and not what I would call flavor portions. My guess is that you had more sweet potato than ground beef at breakfast and that meant you burned through the meal fast.

The clue about lunch was salad even though it included ground beef and 1/2 an avocado. Spinach and arugula are bulky and it may seem like you are eating a lot, but the actual volume of food involved is small. I frequently wilt spinach and arugula. I start off with a big wok full of fresh greens and end with just enough wilted greens to cover a plate.

Your dinner sounded good, but I find that chicken does not satisfy me as deeply as red meat. Chicken is good food and I am not suggesting you not eat it, but on the whole, I would recommend you eat more.

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Welcome! I'm interested in following your Whole30, because I might do the AIP in January when I go for my second Whole30. There's an amazing community on here and I think you'll find some great support and make some new friends along the way.

It took me a few days to get the right mix of protein and fat in my meals. I found early on that if I had a headache or was cranky, that I hadn't eaten enough fat and/or protein. Tom's suggestions are always helpful (all the moderators are pretty awesome).

It also helps that if you are hungry and can't do a full meal, at least try to plan for protein and or fat with the fruit. Maybe look into the Whole30 compliant jerky that's available since you're doing the AIP and no nuts/eggs.

You might also check out Melissa Joulwan's blog, "theclothesmakethegirl". She's a Whole30 Envoy and just recently did the AIP protocol, so her blog would be good to check out for some food ideas during yours (and she just generally rocks).

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Thank you so much everyone for the support! I added more fat to breakfast and made it to lunch without needing a snack :) I have spent some time on TheClothesMakeTheGirl - great read! I saw that she's an Austin girl too! It's wonderful to find a community like this. I was fearful of the isolation while doing both Whole30 and AIP at the same time, but I know the benefits are going to be worth it.

After my workout and dinner, I'll post today's log.

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Day 2

So I just realized coffee was supposed to be avoided for AIP. I'm still going to call this day 2 because I am still Whole30 compliant and I had already intended to continue with AIP for 90 days. Ok, so hear goes:

Breakfast: sweet potato hash: roasted sweet potatoes with olive oil and salt, ground beef with onions and garlic; 1/2 avocado. The extra fat really helped keep me full until lunch.

Lunch: Brussels sprouts, pan seared tarragon chicken, 1/2 avocado and 1/2 grapefruit

Dinner: 1/2 roasted acorn squash, ground beef with onions and garlic, 3/4 banana

I had a mild headache today, better than yesterday fortunately. I went for my workout directly after work then had my typical 45 minute commute home. This was WAY too long to go until dinner. Would a snack be allowed to hold me over until dinner in this case?

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Breakfast: roasted sweet potatoes, pork belly (chopped and pan fried with salt), zucchini pan fried in a little pork belly grease and chopped garlic. The only seasoning I used was a little salt.

I think I need to slow down on the sweet potatoes. I'm going to try something else for breakfast tomorrow. I also have a monstrous headache and I finally had to take some Tylenol. Could be caffeine withdrawal.

Lunch: pan seared tarragon chicken, zucchini (same preparation as breakfast), caramelized onions and mushrooms (also cooked in a little pork belly grease), 1/2 avocado cubed on top, and about one cup of cubed cantaloupe on the side.

Dinner: sea scallops, green beans sautéd with garlic, roasted broccoli in olive oil

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Day 4

Breakfast: zucchini, pork belly, caramelized onions and mushrooms

Lunch: chicken breast, roasted broccoli, green beans, 1/2 avocado and a little bit of cantaloupe

Then I derailed. I'm not going to go into the details of what I ate off program, but I will say I made the decision for the next few weeks to eat paleo and then start over with Whole30 AIP after the new year. With the holidays coming up I realized I sabotaged myself by starting when I did, but it was a good experiment for those 4 days.

Here's what I learned:

1. I absolutely must get the hang of batch cooking. I spent more time in the kitchen in 4 days than I do in a month of "normal" eating because my "normal" diet was at least 50% dining out. This is a major lifestyle overhaul and I will continue cooking at home leading up to the next Whole30 AIP.

2. I did experience a lot of stomach discomfort and dizziness in those 4 days, and I'm convinced its because my gut is so damaged that it didn't know how to react to real food. I came to realize I'd likely continue with Whole30 far beyond the 30 days when I resume the program.

3. Because I want to also be AIP compliant, I need to start weaning coffee slowly. I quit cold turkey 3 days ago and the headache was borderline migraine. (And I suffer from migraines) So there's one clue as to where I derailed. I couldn't take the headache anymore and I didn't want to take painkiller. My plan is the slowly scale back on the quantity and strength of my coffee (espresso is usually my preference, so I'll be starting with regular brew).

4. Though my husband supports me 100% in this experiment, I started dealing with the stress of the upcoming Thanksgiving festivities. I'm at the mercy of my grandmother and extended family regarding the meal. Last year was my first year not eating nightshades and it caused quite a stir. Anticipating the backlash of the extra restrictions and the reality I'd have to bring my own little meal was causing me unnecessary anxiety. This is why I plan to eat mostly Whole30 until the end of the year, but also partake in what is nightshade-free at Thanksgiving and Christmas meals. I need more experience navigating social situations before I can take on the holidays. I think I remember reading somewhere on Whole9 to consider waiting until January to start Whole30 for this first time now that we're nearing the holiday season. I should have taken that to heart because they are absolutely right.

5. I need to stock up on AIP approved seasonings. I mostly have seed derived spices and since that's out, I've only been using salt. I must expand my use of herbs, and since I don't cook much in the first place, this is another layer of the experiment. I'll be trying out new herbs this weekend as well as batch cooking to get accustomed to this part of the program.

6. As I mentioned before, I derailed yesterday. Shortly after the meal I felt drowsy, almost drugged and my throat itched. A little while later it felt as though my blood in my veins was itching. It was hard to sit still. This morning a woke up and felt like I had been in a fight- my muscles and joints hurt and I have I mild headache.

Don't see this as a failure, I see it as a mini experiment leading up to the full blown AIP Whole30 experiment. I'm better equipped for the next round and I'll be continuing with most of the program without stressing over those few days of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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Hi Amanda! I love reading your blog. I too have been dipping into the AIP before the holidays and have started fully committed after New Years, today is Day 6!

I am not sure if you have heard of, or read, the book "Practical Paleo?" I had heard some suggestions about it for AIP so I bought it. I have really found it helpful when it comes to cooking for AIP! The author has tons of reciepes and what I like is that if any of the reciepes contain non AIP compliant foods, she always gives you alternatives to make them complaint which I love! There is also a whole page on different kinds of spices that you can make in bulk and have them on hand (again there are alternatives for the AIP). I have made a few of them but my goal is to make them in bulk to have them on hand so I don't get bored!

Just thought I would share. Keep up the great work!

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