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We will survive!!! #SeptemberWhole30


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Well, here I am...  My last attempt at the a whole30 failed due to lack of planning and a series of unfortunate events.  Made it 10 days on that one.  So here I am again :)

I've checked Septembers schedule and discussed it with hubby... he wont be joining in on the fun, but will be supportive as usual.

September 1st is go time!!  

Batch cooking and meal planning are underway.  Lack of planning will not be an issue this time!! 

Ice cube herb and oil mixes are next on my list for quick salad dressings.  These are very handy.... just pop one or two out and put them in a small jar... add which ever vinegar you want.... put on a tight fitting lid... and shake :)  doesn't take long for the cubes to melt.  The oil and herb cubes are also really handy for adding to pans when cooking.

Anyone else have "tricks" to make meal prep easier?

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