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Day 2


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You just gotta relax and go with it. I'm on day 8 of round 2. I'm not eating anywhere near enough - not because of stressing about calories, but because of lack of appetite. It happened the first time. Not eating enough is making me suffer far more than getting all those good calories in me. Don't cheat yourself by not eating enough!!!

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36 minutes ago, Chibimama67 said:

looking up stories of weight gain

Why would you do that? Set yourself up for success here by looking at the people who have gotten the results you want, not the people who didn't. I know some people lose weight and some don't, but if you've committed to 30 days already, focus on the positive. 

Try this three-part series: https://whole30.com/tag/night-shift/

Or this testimonial: https://whole30.com/2016/01/losing-more-than-weight-ambers-whole30-story/

Or this one: http://www.primalpalate.com/paleo-blog/paleo-success-story-gretchens-30-lb-weight-loss/

Or these: https://whole30.com/2014/02/weight-loss-whole30/

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