Reintro timing with an athletic event

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I'm nearly done with my first Whole30 and beginning reintroduction on Friday. The guidance says not to plan anything important during the first week of reintroduction, if you're following the legumes/non-gluten/dairy/gluten schedule with 2-3 days off between each food reintroduction. So my question is, how slow should I roll in light of the fact that I have a half marathon 9 days into reintroduction? 

I'm thinking dairy and gluten should wait until after the race, but if I pick one of the other groups to add in pre-race, would I be safer trying legumes, or gluten-free grains? Or should I wait on both? Go ahead and add both, since I have (in theory) enough time to recover if it goes sideways?

For background, I'm mainly hoping to identify any links between food and my fibromyalgia, anxiety, and general energy levels. I plan to start reintroduction with gluten-free alcohol and relaxing on added sugar paranoia (not trying to add in sugar, just not going to freak out if I accidentally pour marinara with sugar on my breakfast hash instead of salsa. Because that happened and I has to toss half my breakfast - luckily I realized before taking a bite!). I really miss beans and legumes (not a meat fan), but don't want to add them too close to the race if there's a risk I might suffer.

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I would make sure you have at least 2-3 days prior to your race that are whole30, just in case something does give you any kind of stomach trouble or anything so you have time to recover from that before the race.

Other than that, it's really up to you. If this is a serious competition for you that you're really pushing yourself to win, and you feel like you're doing well now, I might hold off on reintros and keep doing what's working. If it's not that serious and you're not going to be really disappointed if you don't have your best run ever, I don't see why you couldn't go ahead and reintro a thing or two, but again, I probably wouldn't reintro something the day before the race or the morning of it, just in case you do have any issues. Not everyone sees any reactions when they reintroduce foods, and even people who have some reaction don't usually have anything too horrendous -- maybe some gas or bloating, or maybe it affects their mood or energy level. 

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