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Day 10


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So wife and I are 10 days  into it. We haven't noticed an differences yet.  I didn't think I would as I was already near paleo for almost 10 years. We already bought only grassfed beef and have been doing this for years. She had some relative lose 10 lbs easily on W30, and she wants to lose 10, so that's her motivation. We both are already very healthy. We are 57 and take no meds and have no health conditions. That wasn't always true with me, but paleo took care of all that years ago. 

The wife isn't used to eating so much. She must be eating double or more than she has been the past few years. Breakfast used to be a little cup of flavoured yogurt and tea. Lunch was often a Atkins bar, or more if they all went out to lunch. Now it's three big meals a day. 

I don't see how in the world she can lose any weight eating so much!! She knows that something like 94% do.

We shall see... 

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Another couple of days down... So far we aren't seeing any difference (I did not expect to since I already ate 95% paleo) . Wife says that she feels bloated and although following the rules and not weighing, feels like she has gained weight.

At this point, I'm fearing day 30, and that she will be in the 5% or so that does not lose weight. 

And that will not be a good day...

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