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Red Wine Vinegar


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40 minutes ago, LMcnulty said:

Good suggestions for brands of red wine vinegar?

We generally don't give brands because this is such an international community so what is available to me up in Canada is maybe not available to you in your area.  Just go to your favorite grocery store and pick up a bottle and read the ingredients.  As long as there are no non compliant ingredients, you're good to go!  I've never really been one to spend a lot of that type of ingredient because there's not really a huge differnce (to me) between the grocery store brand and a higher end brand.

Quick tip on sulfites - when you look at the labels, if it says 'contains sulfites/sulphites' or 'naturally occurring sulfites/sulphites' then that's fine, it's just a problem if it's added in the ingredient list.

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