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I am preparing for the Sept 1, 2017 start of doing the Whole 30.   Background info:  I completed my first whole 30 last September 2016 successfully.    Felt great, lost weight, lots of energy,    I learned that food plays an important part in how I feel physically and emotionally.  The only dairy I bought back was lactose coffee creamer and honey came  back into my coffee.  I will now go back to black coffee.  There is so much meat on this plan and I consider myself a "flexitarian".  I am happy with a vegetarian meal, but I find it hard to get in protein on a vegetarian plan and I do feel better with protein.  I do find on a vegetarian meal, more wheat comes back into meals. 

After my first whole 30, my reintroduction was all over the place.   There were things I learned on my whole 30 that left a lasting impression,   I continued to learn as I reintroduced wheat, sugar, and dairy,  I admit the  year after it was a struggle - on plan - off plan.  I gained 10 pounds back.  Last year I did Whole 30 with my husband.  He had success and got off his high blood pressure medication and is still drinking coconut milk in his coffee (his skin is so beautiful and I attribute this to the coconut milk).  He did not veer off the plan as opposed to myself.   It was hard to keep the sugar dragon under control when I was eating sugar.   My hubby is not joining me this round, he is happy with what he is doing.  

I am still finding my way.   That was then and this is now.  I need to reset and see what happens after doing the Whole 30.  

I will continue to prep for Friday Sep 1.


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Sep 1, 2017 - Friday


Meal 1 - 1200 noon - 2 hard boiled eggs, carrots and cucumber, watermelon, black coffee.

Meal 2 - 5:00  - fried egg in ghee, 3 pieces of back bacon, grape tomatoes, watermelon


I woke up late this morning, 10 minutes to get dressed and out the door.  Arrived at work for a super busy day and first break was at noon.   the hard boiled eggs  I prepared last night was the reason I could stay  whole  30 compliant under the circumstances.  I never wake up late.  

After meal 2, ,I went to bed because I was tired and when down for a nap.  It is now 8:21pm and too late for another meal.  I know it is not the ideal three meals - however, I went with what I could do and to stay compliant  was best today.  

Exercise :  Walked home after work (50 minutes) in the heat of 30 Celsius wearing black.  

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Sep 2, 2017 - Saturday

Meal 1 11:30 - fried egg with fried onions, zucchini and grape tomatoes, glass of gazpacho

Meal 2 - 3:30 - hot dog, onions, and mustard

Meal 3 - ribs, mashed potatoes & ghee, cucumber, onion, tomato salad with ovo and lemon

Snack 2 -  11:00  - red grapes

Working night shift for the next two days.   Eating will be at not my normal times.   Challenge will to be to get through nights without eating all the snack foods at work.  

PS I managed to stay away from pizza, chips and salsa and bag of bright orange, salty cheezies.    Instead I had my grapes.  It is all good.  

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Sep 3, 2017 - Sunday day 3


Meal 1 - 4:30 pm  back bacon, fried egg and sauteed onions, zucchini and grape tomatoes and glass of gazpacho.  Watermelon

snack - cumbers and carrots 11:30 pm


Woke up at 3;30 pm, had coffee and my breakfast at 4:30.  I packed my dinner to take with me to work, but I forgot it.  At least I bought my cucumbers and carrots.


Sept 24, 2017 - Day 4 Monday

Slept from 0800 to 12:30


Meal 1 - 1:30 - fried egg, sauteed onion,tomato, zucchini and back bacon  Watermelon

Meal 2 - rib eye steak, mashed pototoes and sauteed snap peas.

Snack - handful of cashews


I am now off nights.  I can now get on a routine.  

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Sep 6, 2017 - Wednesday - Day 6

Meal 1 - 1015 - beets, sweet potatoe and fried egg with ghee

12:30 - Snack 1 - 5 cashews - 1 1/2 cup of 6 vegetable and "cheese (nutritional yeast) soup (just because I made it

3:30 Meal 2 - ribs and potatoes

6:00 - Snack 2 - canteloupe

6:30 - Meal 3 - potatoes, cucumber/onion/cucumber, chicken

9:00 Kombucha


Sep 7 - Wednesday Day 7

07oo - meal 1 - fried egg and back bacon

12:30 - meal 2 - 6 vegetable and "cheese" with cut up back bacon, orange, and celery and carrot sticks

Snack 1 - 3:30 12 cashews and peach

7:00 - meal 3 - rib eye steak, roasted potatoe, sweet potatoe, and beets


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