Start - Nov. 13! Tempted by Chocolate and McDonalds

Christina D.

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Hi Christina!

First of all, welcome and congratulation for deciding to commit to eating real food for 30 days!

Regarding McDonald's and cravings in general, I can only speak from personal experience and 14 days on W30. The cravings get weaker and your control/discipline goes up. I can't explain why exactly. Maybe because if you go off track on day two, you think "oh well, I was just 2 days through", but starting over at day 14, for me is completely out of the question. Not even tempting. First, I don't want to throw away 2 weeks of efforts, and second, I'm not craving anything anyway. But I don't really go to McDonalds, so avoiding triggers will also play a big role in your success. In my experience, the first couple of days (so far, I'm only at day 14) are the hardest. Then you get used to everything you can eat, search recipes and enjoy truly good meals that don't leave you craving junk food.

I wish you a fantastic Whole30!

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I recently started my second whole 30. I'm on day 5. Right now I'm craving just a regular peanut butter sandwich like crazy. It's been like this for 3 days. If I would see someone eating one infront of me I would seriously think about stealing it.

But what I learned from my first whole 30 is that you actually feel like you're being left behind when you chose not to eat something non-compliant, more than the actual food. For example: My BF and I (with his parents) went to visit his brother. Now his mother decided to bring a box of italian pastries. (Which I love BTW) I was feeling so left out at the meal - I mean I had to have a complete seperate meal prepared for me (which was bland in comparison of homemade lasangna (I mean homemade in the sense of even the lasanga noodles were homemade)) and then having to turn down one of my favourite pastries? Oh I was ready to crack. I mean I felt this whole 30 thing was just cruel and unusual punishment. But then I can to a conclusion. This diet was my choice. I was choosing to eat this way. If I wanted lasangna, I could have it, but then I wouldn't get better. And when the chips were down I didn't really even want any of those things (including the pastries) I was just feeling left out. And when you socialize you will have to deal alot with this feeling.

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