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Food Dreams


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So I had my first food dream last night!!  I started my Whole30 on Aug. 21.  I've done really well...I even went out of town for the weekend on my first weekend on Whole30.  I survived and did really well.  It helped that my friend doing Whole30 with me was also on the trip so we could keep each other accountable.   I get the daily emails and read last week about the food dreams.  I don't normally dream about food, so really didn't think it would affect me.  WRONG!! We had a work birthday party yesterday afternoon.  I sat there while everyone around me had cake & ice cream.  So last night I had a dream I was eating yellow cake with chocolate frosting for a birthday.  In the dream, I didn't even think twice when the cake was presented to me...ate the whole piece in like 3 seconds!!  And then afterward, I actually remembered I'm doing the Whole30 and I'm on Day 10...why would I do something so stupid!!!  Anyway, I'm awake now and on Day 11...and planning to laugh about that & NOT eat any cake today or until I'm well past this journey.  But I got a chuckle from my dream and realized I'm just like everyone else!!  Happy Whole30 to everyone on the journey!!! =)

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