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Pre-natal (garden of life)

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Hello!  I am about to start the whole30 and have been trying to get pregnant for quite some time (we're a long ways in with IVF).  I've switched around pre-natals but the ones I've found that I feel are best and I tolerate are the Garden of Life once daily pre-natal.  I see they have brown rice, are any of the other ingredients non-compliant?  I just noticed the tapioca maltodextrin...assuming that's a no-go too.  Any suggestions of great pre-natals (preferably once daily, and with folate)?  I just got another bottle of 90 of these so sort of hate to buy something else, but don't want to totally thwart the whole30 for a vitamin.  Thank you!  vitamincode.png.8db79be89117c3fa87f1c5b9e0d687f1.png

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