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Waking up not hungry and more...

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The last few days I've been waking up not feeling hungry but rather fullish and not really interested in eating breakfast.

I don't think my meals are too large (last night it was a chicken breast crumbed in almond meal and a packaged of steamed veggies)

I'm at a loss a little bit because I'm not sure what's happening there.

Also, I'm finding I'm shutting down a bit as far as food goes which is my normal MO when I'm feeling stressed (as I am with work right now) If I have the protein and fruit and fat in my house great but dealing with the veg sounds all just a little too hard. (Wow did i really just stay that) I think I'm just looking for the easy way since I am feeling tired, stressed and a little overwhelmed with life in general.

Have you ever felt that way and what did you do to get past it? Maybe I'm just feeling a little be sorry for myself?? (not appealing LOL)


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I make myself eat my veggies before I can eat the yummier stuff like fruit, sweet potatoes and protein. I also make sure each meal has one "un fun" veggie in addition to a starchy one like sweet potato or squash (or fruit). Sorry you're having issues with motivation. One thing I realized in my previous Whole30 was that stress is a huge food trigger for me. When I get stressed, I reach for chocolate or sugar.

Stress is a very important component of your health, try to get that in check, if you can. All the best to you!


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I lose my food mojo when I'm stressed as well. Since my whole family eats this way, it can be a bit of a problem. Honestly, I resort to no-muss, no-fuss, super simple foods.

Hamburgers, steamed broccoli and sweet potato medallions

Applegate Farms hot dogs, baby carrots and apple slices

Cold cuts, fruit and bell pepper slices

Chicken breasts (crock pot) with salsa and chopped veg served in lettuce leaves

You get the point. All foods that require virtually no prep, no planning and no thought.

Needless to say, my kids love those times ;)

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