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Made it through day 1, so far anyway. 

M2: pot roast and veggies + ranch. At least a palm of meat. I packed more than I could eat, and I am happy to report the my hunger signals were accurate today. I got hungry at my normal time this evening. 

M3: leftovers. The zucchini and Whole30-vodka sauce, plus the leftover pot roast from M2 and a bag of steamable cauliflower, broccoli, and carrots. And leftover ranch from lunch. Look at me getting fat in all 3 meals today! :D

Feeling a little blocked up...thinking it's the non-whole30 things I splurged on yesterday. Other than that, decent energy all day and nothing too crazy going on yet. I will admit to wanting to stop and get some comfort food for this cold and rainy Friday night. I thought I had kicked the Friday night comfort food habit, but it has been creeping back in...definitely a reason I'm doing another reset. Funny how fast those habits come back, isn't it?

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Day 2 

M1: 3-egg blueberry omelette + sauteed kale, onions and more blueberries. I heated up some pot roast meat as well, but didn't eat it. Had about a 1/2 mug of coffee with M1. I think I had added fat? The kale and omelette were sauteed in olive oil and I think I added ranch.

Went for a run with my running group and all was good, except the "blocked up" feeling from yesterday went away and I was a little uncomfortable because I kept feeling like I needed to "go". :P This constipation/fast moving poop cycle often happens while my gut is recovering from an insult it didn't like such as the non-gluten grain or dairy. Made it through the run pretty well though and had a good time with the group. A few of the people in the group have done whole30s and one is currently finishing hers up. I can see a pretty dramatic change in her body composition

postWO/M2: OK, this was meant to be a post workout meal after going for my run. I had leftover pot roast plus the rest of the kale from breakfast. Probably about a palm or less of meat. Definitely less than a plate of veggies.

After that meal, I went out shopping with a friend because I needed a few pairs of jeans and maybe a skirt for fall. My body has changed enough since my last whole30 that I was in need of new clothes. The shopping trip ended up taking much longer and being much more expensive than either one of us anticipated. ;) I got a good new wardrobe for fall and it was a bit of celebratory shopping. I mean, I'm fitting into sizes I haven't worn since high school. :) 

Had a coffee with friend about 2 PM.

M3: Pot roast and carrots, potatoes, onions, and celery. This was the last of the pre-made food I had available. It included about a palm-1.5 palms of protein.

Day 3

I have no pre-made food. I only have 1 egg in the house and the ground pork I have thawed out is supposed to go in an egg roll in a bowl recipe (which is one of my favorites). I do have some ground turkey and chicken breast that could potentially be made into something, so I'm making the chicken in the pressure cooker now. Maybe I'll make a quick breakfast salad. I think I want to make burgers with the ground turkey meat.

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Day 3, continued

M1: Slept in, had 2 mugs of coffee. I didn't sleep that well due to the coffee at 2 PM yesterday. I made the chicken + salad greens and peppers, onions, olives, and a little bit of olive oil. It was good considering I had no quick food available this morning. 

Spend the rest of the morning meal planning. Went out to run errands/grocery shop around 12:30. Didn't get back until 4 PM. Made egg roll in a bowl and ate a serving right away. SO good. I made the sweet and sour sauce that goes along with it, but I'm not sure about that sauce. It's almost TOO sweet with both pineapple and dates as sweeteners. I added some rice vinegar and red pepper flakes to add a little more "sour" and kick to the sauce. 

M2: Egg roll in a bowl + sweet and sour sauce. - This recipe has lots of veggies and fats, so I didn't worry about adding anything.

I then continued to cook. Made turkey burgers, ketchup (so excited about the ketchup! I'm planning on no-bun burgers with mayo, pickles, and ketchup) and a delicious spaghetti squash casserole: Creamy Garlic Spaghetti Squash Casserole. That recipe is amazing. Like, I thought I needed candles and romantic music on while eating it. It's a lot of work, but the end result is delicious! I'm a little worried that it might be SWYPO as a replacement for an alfredo-type dish, but I didn't really have a pasta problem, so I'm not too worried about this recipe. I'll still keep an eye out as I eat it and if I think it's sparking over-consumption I won't make it again. 

M3 (kinda): tiny serving of the casserole; probably less than half a palm of protein. Need to be better about getting in 3 full meals each day. It's hard when the fat adaptation makes it so that you don't always notice that you're hungry right away. :P 

I still need to make food for breakfast tomorrow, cut up veggies for various salads, and roast some sweet potatoes for post WO starchy carbs, but I'm done for the night. I'll do it in the AM.

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Day 4

M1: Had to make the meal when I woke up because I didn't have the energy to make it yesterday. Had ~2 mugs of coffee, 2 eggs and 3/4 of a compliant Aidelle's chicken sausage, and a veggie saute that included onions, mushrooms, zucchini, summer squash, snow peas, and red peppers. I plated more than I could eat though, which is quite unusual for me at meal 1. I plated 3 eggs and the full sausage + a full plate of veggies and couldn't eat 1 of the eggs, finish the sausage or eat about half the veggies. I did realize later that I had woken up with a migraine, so that could have impacted my appetite, but I think there were other things going on. It could have been a combination of some bad habits from over the weekend (like not eating within an hour of waking) and some GI distress plus too much coffee before eating.

M2: The leftover egg, veggies and chicken sausage from M1 + about a palm of chicken salad with mayo, celery and blueberries.

Pre WO: some chicken breast, post WO: chicken + 2 small fingerling potatoes - The run was actually tougher than I expected. It was pretty hot again for the first time in a while, but I think since I've been undereating I wasn't adequately prepared for a tough run. I brought a friend with me and while I enjoyed her company I couldn't help but be a little jealous that this was her first time out running and she kept up with me very well. She swims twice a week though, so it's not as if she's completely sedentary and then picked up running just like that while it's taken me 6 months to get to where I am.

M3: 1.5 Turkey burgers ~ 1/4 lb of meat each + pickles, onions, ketchup (homemade!), and mayo. Added green peppers and salad greens for some extra veggies and ate about 1/2 an avocado.

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Um, so, I wasn't expecting a "kill all the things" day. I love the food I'm eating and don't feel deprived. I've prepped as much as possible so I'm ready for the week, but there it was anyway. In a way it was good, because it shows me that I still have some work to do on developing non-food coping mechanisms. I had a tough day of work scheduled, so I woke up wanting something "good" to get me through the day. I'm still having GI issues (constipation + needing to go more often than normal and just feeling uncomfortably "blocked up"/gassy all day, ugh), so I think that's been affecting my appetite and adding to my crankiness. I couldn't eat all my breakfast at once, so I ate it very slowly while I did some planning for the day, but was not happy about not being able to finish my breakfast quickly. Once I got to work, I realized that someone had removed a piece of equipment that I needed NOW. I did eventually get it back, but searching for it and waiting for it to be brought back to its home took some extra time out of my day. I went to knit while the person who removed the equipment went and retrieved the item and that helped me calm down. After my day I was tired and cranky and would have stopped for fast food if I hadn't had some delicious meals in my fridge all ready to heat up.

M1: 3 eggs, 1 aidelles chicken sausage link. (This could just be too much protein, I'm not sure...I'm having trouble eating it all). Veggie saute that includes summer squash, zucchini, onions, mushrooms, snow peas and red peppers + ~1/2 avocado. 

M2: A serving of the spaghetti squash casserole (about 1 palm of protein?) + some sweet potatoes and fingerling potatoes. Casserole was made with coconut milk, so I didn't add extra fat.

M3: A small serving of egg roll in a bowl (maybe ~3/4 palm of protein? so hard to tell with dishes like this), I was still hungry afterwards, so I added a serving of the chicken salad (mayo, celery, green onion, and blueberries), about a palm-ish of protein, maybe less?

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Day 6

GI issues mostly resolved, although they seem to be back a little this morning. :mellow: Had a better day yesterday. I stayed home and did writing and then went out running with my group. The weather was perfect for running, a little misty and cool, not pouring rain and not 90 degrees! I'm still not feeling my best running-wise, but that's OK. It has taken me a long time to get to where I am and I'm happy with my progress. I'm not about to be running marathons any time soon, but I'll definitely finish the 5k on Saturday.

M1: Chicken sausage, 1 egg, veggie saute. Not enough, but I just couldn't force down any additional food at the time and I was sick of trying to fight with my body to eat a template meal. Not surprisingly, I got hungry about 9:30 and ate the rest of the breakfast (2 eggs, the rest of the veggies).

M2: Turkey burger (about 1 palm of meat), pickles, mayo, ketchup + broccoli slaw. I ate a big serving of the broccoli slaw, but was still hungry around 4:30. May need to add veggies to that meal.

Pre-WO: a few bites of chicken breast and some mayo; Post-WO: some chicken breast

M3: Sausage casserole (about 1 - 1.5 palms of meat I would guess?) made with coconut milk, broccoli, spaghetti squash, and mushrooms. + fingerling potatoes. Good, but I got hungry right away after and I ate what felt like a HUGE portion. Not sure what to make of that. Maybe I underate most of the day? I am typically about a 1.5 palm of protein kind of person, so lunch might have been a little light on protein.

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Day 7

Relatively uneventful. Had a good day and got some things accomplished. :)

M1: Ate 3 eggs + veggie saute (zucchini, red & green peppers, jalapenos, red onion). Forgot fat. Again! :P Ate mayo about an hour or so after finishing breakfast

M2: A serving of the egg roll in a bowl. I don't think this was a big enough serving. I was still hungry when I finished. Added broccoli slaw (mayo-based dressing), so didn't need extra fat.

M3: Turkey burger (about 1 palm of protein?) pickles, onion, mayo, ketchup + sweet potato and half an avocado. Still hungry after finishing, so I added some veggie saute from breakfast and about a half-palm? (or more) serving of chicken salad with mayo-based dressing. I got full while eating the 2nd round, so I stopped. I feel like I need to get a bit better about planning my meals though. This is not the first time I have been hungry after finishing a serving of a meal I plated for myself. 

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UGHHHHHH! Whine and TMI alert, don't read on if you don't like listening to whining or time of the month talk. :P

Period came overnight. Today is my first race day. :( I really wanted to run this whole 5k, but I feel like crap and have cramps and digestive issues that are keeping me from feeling my best right now. In fact, much of my constipation for the last week could probably be attributed to PMS. UGH! :angry: You'd think I'd have made my peace with getting this thing every month after the 150th time it happened, but NOPE, I'm bitter every. single. month. 

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Haha. OK, whining over. Runner's high going on now. ;) Ran my 5k on intervals, and I was happy with my time, right around 36:00. Still want to be able to run an entire 5k, but I'll take this as a win today.

Back to Whole30 food log:

Day 8

M1: I think I ate an aidelle's chicken sausage and some other veggies, but I would have had to add more protein. Maybe more of the sausage casserole?

M2: Egg roll in a bowl

M3: sweet potato, more of the sausage casserole? I cannot remember what I ate yesterday. :wacko:

Since I'm on here and having trouble remembering what I ate yesterday, I'm going to start adding in today to keep me on track.

Day 9

M1: Small serving of sausage casserole (probably 3/4 palm of meat), coffee

Post-run: 1/4 orange...I really should have brought some protein with me, but didn't think about it.

M2: chicken salad & broccoli slaw, I only have a small serving of chicken left, so maybe 3/4 palm of protein again. Both items are in a mayo dressing, so definitely getting my fat for this meal.

(Not sure what happened here...I thought I posted everything above this line yesterday, but apparently I didn't. Luckily, it was all saved!)

M3: Steak (found some grass-fed & grass finished steak! :)) + peppers, onions and a baked potato. Perfect!

Day 10

M1: 4 eggs, 2 strips of sugar-free bacon, zucchini, onions, summer squash

M2: buffalo chicken + spaghetti squash from the Whole30 recipes feed. Pretty good, but I don't do ghee because I'm pretty sensitive to dairy, so I just used hot sauce rather than buffalo sauce. Added ranch.

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Day 10, continued

M3: Chili made with ground turkey and sweet potatoes + baked potato and 1/2 avocado.

Day 11

Woke up kind of "blah" today. Couldn't face getting up with the alarm (is it REALLY Monday again?!? Ugh.), so slept in a little. I just feel cranky and annoyed with myself. I have work to do and I'm not getting it done on time and that's not good. 

M1: 2 eggs, 2 strips of sugar-free bacon, zucchini, summer squash, onions, ground pork. - This whole meal was largely unappetizing. I overcooked the eggs, added too much salt to the pork, and the bacon was pretty salty too, so I just didn't want to finish. 

(Seriously...what is going on here? I swear I hit submit on this post yesterday! Anyway, the rest of yesterday's meals to follow)

M2: Leftover steak, peppers, onions + potato. Not really that good. I don't think I reheated it well enough, so everything was covered in this layer of semi-solid fat. Not appetizing. Plus, I tried to eat outside and had a crazy pupper barking at people and dogs outside the fence. I finally got her confined to the house so I could enjoy my meal in peace. I love that pupper, but she makes it difficult some days. :P 

Felt very listless at work today too and I think I identified the reason. I've had a difficult decision to make about where to do my postdoc and while I've made the decision, I've been putting off writing the emails. (I had 2 amazing offers, yay! But turning one down is so difficult. :() I finally wrote out the emails and I think that has helped immensely. I'm not feeling as "blah" today as I was yesterday.

Pre-wo: chicken breast, just a few bites. Run went well, I made it through the entire distance (about 3 miles) without walking! Woohoo! First time over 2 miles straight. :D 

M3: Spaghetti squash and buffalo chicken casserole + ranch. Probably should have added a few more veggies and a bit more protein (this was about a palm's worth?, maybe)

Day 12 

Slept in again...I blame the approaching fall and cloudy weather. ;) Feel pretty good this morning and am ready to tackle this day! I have a lot of writing to do and pupper is off at doggy daycare, so I should have plenty of concentration ability here.

M1: 2 eggs, some ground pork, 2 slices of bacon, zucchini, summer squash, onions. Definitely not doing a combination of ground pork and bacon again. WAAAY too much grease. I think I'll stick to eggs as my main protein source when adding bacon. 

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Day 12, continued

M2: Chili + avocado + microwave bag of california mix (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots)

M3: Thai-style green curry - coconut milk, green beans, red peppers, onion, garlic ginger, LOTS of green curry paste, homemade chicken broth.

Day 13

Feeling OK this morning. Tried to go to bed early last night and was able to get up before 6 AM today. Still am not getting enough work done and it's driving me nuts. I need to go in early today and stay late. I've already bypassed the "go in early" route though, so I'll have to go in at a normal time and stay late.

I've been invited to a few events this weekend, so we'll see how I'll be able to handle those things. There are plenty of options that would work for my food freedom, but I don't trust restaurants to get things right. 

M1: 2 eggs, 2 bacon, ground pork, zucchini, onions, summer squash. The bacon is finally done. SO much grease. Need more veggies for tomorrow, but I should have eggs and pork ready.

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Day 13, continued

M2: Steak, peppers, onions, baked potato. Lots of fat from the steak, so I didn't bother adding any extra. About a palm's worth of protein, I'd guess. I wasn't able to finish the entire portion at once and then got hungry around 4:30 (which is still 4-4 1/2 later), so I ate the rest of the lunch at that time to tide me over until I got back home around 7.

M3: Chicken + hotsauce + spaghetti squash and green beans. About a palm's worth of protein, maybe a little more.

I normally run Wednesdays, but this week was the kickoff for the 2nd round of the running group, so it was a low activity day. I'm going to have to go for a run tomorrow, I think. 

Day 14

I'm still having some GI issues (loose, frequent bowl movements). Not sure what to make of that. I didn't have those issues during my last Whole30, so I'm trying to think of what is different. So far, I'm thinking it could be lack of raw veggies in my diet. Last time I ate a lot of salad greens, cucumbers, raw bell peppers and onions for lunch. This time I've been eating more of the cooked veggie casserole-type dishes I've been making for dinner. I may have to add my salads back next week and see how things go.

M1: Ground pork, 2 eggs, red and green bell peppers + onions. 

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Day 14, continued

M2: Coconut curry with chicken (about a palm and a half?) and green beans, red peppers and onions. Again, didn't finish the entire serving and had the rest around 5, which was still 4 1/2 hrs later. 

Went out for a run around 6 PM. Had GI cramping while trying to run, had to walk the 2nd half of my run so nothing completely embarrassing happened. :( I think this was from the coconut milk. I was hoping this brand (Trader Joes) wouldn't do that to me because it doesn't have any additives, but it still did. I wonder if too much fat is causing all this GI distress? My breakfasts lately have been pretty high in fat.

Post-WO: few bites of chicken breast

M3: Chipotle chili with ground turkey (about a palm-ish) and sweet potatoes + cauliflower rice and a baked potato + half avocado. Much better with the cauliflower rice added.

Day 15

M1: 2 eggs, ground chicken, green beans, onions. I am running dangerously low on veggies and I don't get paid until tomorrow. This is nearly a Whole30 emergency. :P I should have enough to last through until tomorrow though. 

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Day 15, continued

Oops! I forgot my "day" formatting yesterday. Now that post doesn't match the others. :( ;) :P  Ahh well, it's never a perfect month on a Whole30, right?

M2: Buffalo chicken spaghetti squash casserole + ranch (about a palm-ish).

M3: Chipotle chili with ground turkey (about a palm-ish) and sweet potatoes + cauliflower rice and half an avocado. 

Overall, a low activity day again. I stayed home to write (still not getting enough done, going to have to work on it this weekend too) and I don't get many steps  when I stay home. Need to go in to campus if only for the extra steps it forces me to get in. 

Aaaaannnnnddd I'm halfway there! Woohoo! I'm thinking about buying a new cookbook or two to celebrate, but keeping my fingers crossed that I don't screw up over the weekend at my events.

Day 16

M1: 2 eggs, ground chicken, green beans, onions.

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Day 16, continued

Ran the "magic mile" (a timed mile so they can put us into pace groups) yesterday morning with my running group. Did pretty well, 10:40 as my time which was about what it was the last time, but I felt a lot better. Last time I needed about 3 mins recovery before I could speak after running the mile, this time I was able to hold a conversation right afterwards. It's always nice to have some noticeable improvements. The coaches said it was about 20 degrees cooler than the last time, but it was still humid and I know my endurance has increased since the last time. :P 

Post WO: a few bites of chicken breast. Accidentally dropped some and the dog pounced on it, so I had to grab a few more bites.  The dog knows the good stuff when she smells it. :lol:

M2: Ground chicken, green beans, onions + lots of salt. I was getting a little lightheaded and realized I needed some extra water and electrolytes. I've been out of my unflavored propel, so I had to add extra salt to my food today. Must add unflavored propel to shopping list.

M3: More chicken breast (OK I just realized as I was typing this out that I ate chicken as protein at all meals yesterday...) 1/2 green pepper, 1 cucumber, onion, 2 C salad greens + ranch dressing. So good! I hadn't had a salad in quite a while and this was delicious. I love fresh peppers and cucumbers. :wub:

Day 17

M1: 2 eggs, 1 aidelles chicken sausage, 1/2 green pepper, 1 potato, onion, mushrooms. YUM! 

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Day 17, continued

M2: 3-egg omelette with veggies + some fruit. This was at a restaurant and the server said he'd make sure the kitchen knew I was dairy restricted, so I really hope there was no dairy in the mix with the eggs. I feel pretty good still and I am fairly sensitive to dairy, so I think it went OK.

M3: Turkey burger + potato, onions, pickles, mayo, ketchup, lettuce, and some asparagus. Good.

I've had something sort of bothering me lately. Nothing bad, but just on my mind. I enjoyed cooking this afternoon because it gave me a chance to think things through and then kept me busy so I didn't dwell on it too long. 

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Day 18

M1: 2 eggs, aidelle's chicken sausage, veggie saute (summer squash, zucchini, onions, mushrooms, green peppers)

M2: Chicken (about a palm - 1.5 palms?) 2 C salad greens, 1/2 green pepper, few slices red onion, mayo, balsamic vinegar, and EVOO

M3: Pork butt (is it bad that I snicker every time I make this or write it out? heh. :P) about a palm. Baked potato, asparagus. I didn't add extra fat because the pork is pretty fatty to begin with and adding fat seemed overkill.

My digestive issues seem to be getting better, I think. I'm still not sure what it is that is causing all the issues, but I can tell you I'm swearing off bacon right now. I had a pretty good day today, other than I'm still not accomplishing as much as I'd like. I was trying to write for 5 hours this afternoon and only got a  paragraph written, plus a few new analyses. That will not cut it. I need to do better. I'm going to do extra work tonight and will have to work extra tomorrow too. 

As a side note, I'm pretty sure I'm getting addicted to running. All I could think about this afternoon as I was working was going for a run. I'll do it tomorrow after I finish this section of my paper.

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Day 19

M1: 2 eggs, zucchini, summer squash, green peppers, onions, and an aidelle's chicken sausage

M2: 3-ish C of salad greens, 1/2 red pepper and green pepper, red onion, 1/2 cucumber, chicken breast (about a palm), mayo, EVOO, balsamic vinegar

M3: Turkey burger (about 1.5 palms), mayo, homemade Whole30 ketchup,  1/4 each red pepper & cucumber, baked potato, sauteed asparagus.

Finally starting to see glimpses of Tiger Blood? I feel more confident, focused and maybe a bit more energetic, but that's hard to tell because I've been writing all day every day and really not moving much (ugh! :P). My run yesterday felt pretty good and I made it through a 2-mile challenge run (the 2nd mile is all hills, I swear). I was even looking forward to that run...who am I?!? When did I develop into a "real" runner? ;) 

Day 20

M1:  2 eggs, zucchini, summer squash, green peppers, onions, and an aidelle's chicken sausage

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Day 20, continued

M2: pork butt *snicker* (about a palm), lettuce, onions, cucumbers, red & green peppers, mayo, balsamic vinegar.

Went for a 2 mile run with my group. Not as easy as yesterday (where did that tiger blood go?!? :() Probably because it was hotter, I didn't hydrate well enough and went at a faster pace than yesterday. :P Ate a few bites of chicken post workout

M3: Turkey burgers (about 1.5 palms), onions, cucumbers, pickles, red & green peppers, mayo, ketchup, mustard (I forgot I had compliant mustard in the fridge, so happy to have it again!)

Not much variety in veggies right now. Need to work on that. UGH! I just realized I'm completely out of prepared breakfast food for tomorrow. Gonna have to improvise. 

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Day 21

M1: 2 eggs, zucchini, summer squash, ground turkey, onions, mayo

Ate pretty late, had to throw together the food in the morning and it took me forever to finish my meal, until about 9:30. Didn't get hungry again until 5 PM...

M2: Chicken (1.5 palms?), mayo, salad greens, cucumbers, red and green peppers, red onions. Ate around 7 or so. 

Sigh. I know...only 2 meals, bad Amy. :P 

Day 22

M1: 2 eggs, zucchini, summer squash, ground turkey, onions, mayo

Had to get up early to come into lab to do my binding experiment. Totally forgot lunch and I don't know if I trust any place around here. I could try the salad bar, I know they have grilled chicken (but do I really think that chicken has no fillers? No.), boiled eggs, and oil and vinegar (again, I'd be very surprised if the vinegar was 100% compliant). I may just have to hope I'm done early and can run home to eat around 3 or 4 PM. I've got a crazy pupper to wear out this weekend, so I'd better make sure I fuel myself properly. :) 

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So, good and bad news...good news: I *should* be done by 3:00 and have time to eat after work before having to walk Miss Crazy Pupper. Bad news: I'm STARVING!!!! I guess my body does not appreciate eating only 2 meals a day. :P Hopefully I'll be able to fit a 3rd one in today though. :) 

Mental note: stop by grocery store on way home for coleslaw mix and unflavored propel. Make egg roll in a bowl for supper tonight. Drink propel tomorrow at running group. :D 

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Day 22, continued:

Made it through yesterday pretty well. I was able to finish up my experiment by about 3 PM and then run off to do grocery shopping, cook & eat M2, take the pupper on a walk, come home, make & eat M3, and then even had energy to clean up my room a little so I could let the pupper sleep in my room. I think that was a successful day. #tigerblood I may not be bouncing off the walls, but there's no way I could have done all that on a Friday evening after 6 hrs on my feet in lab before Whole30.  

M2: Egg roll in a bowl, about a palm's worth of protein (ground pork), I would guess. Cabbage and cauliflower as veggies. Ate around 5 PM due to grocery shopping/cooking. 

M3: Steak (3/4 palm?) + sweet potato and cucumber. Ate around 8:30-9 PM, due to late M2. I ate a smaller portion here than usual just because of all the timing issues. Hoping I'm going to get back on track today.

Day 23

M1: 2 eggs, ground turkey, summer squash, zucchini, onions, mayo

Had to take pupper on her walk and get her breakfast before my running group met this morning. Went for a run with the group today and felt pretty good. We did some speed work and I ended up going for 2 miles below 12 min/mile. Got 10,000 steps in before 9:30 AM. It's going to be one of *those* days isn't it? I'd bet I'll end with 17-18,000 steps for the day. :)

M2: Steak, sweet potato, raw peppers (red & green), cucumber, mayo, and ketchup

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Day 23, continued

M3: Egg roll in a bowl. 

I was kind of exhausted by the end of the day. Looking after this pupper is no joke. After getting 10,000 steps in the morning, she and I went to the park again for her evening walk and she wanted to run everywhere and then pull me into the woods to chase squirrels and a heron. And then she'd stop suddenly to sniff something extra exciting or to wait for her "new best friend" (i.e. dog she hasn't met yet) to come closer so she can meet them. She's a handful for sure. 

I don't think I've been eating enough lately, so I was thinking about adding a 4th meal today, but I didn't. It's possible I need pre/post WO meals just for walking the dog. I *do* get in a pretty good workout just trying to keep up with her/keep her walking. :P 

Day 24

M1: ground turkey, zucchini, summer squash, mushrooms, onions. Out of mayo! :( Don't know what to add for fat! (I probably have some olives somewhere I could eat...)


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Day 24, continued

Completely forgot to add fat to my M1. :P No consequences as far as yesterday went though. 

M2: Egg roll in a bowl, pretty large serving (1.5 palms of meat) Veggies: cabbage and cauliflower

M3: Hmm I remember I made myself eat last night. I almost forgot because it got late, but I didn't want to skip any more meals. I think I ate some shredded pork butt with some zucchini, peppers, onions, summer squash. Not sure about fat...I think I remember I finally pulled out those olives.

Day 25

M1: Shredded pork butt, potato, mushrooms,  zucchini, peppers, onions, summer squash. *May* have forgotten fat again... 

M2: Shredded pork butt, potato, mushrooms,  zucchini, peppers, onions, summer squash. *May* have forgotten fat again... Hmm this is getting to be a pattern.

M3: Sloppy Joe meat (ground turkey, peppers, onions) + spaghetti squash (Hey look! A new veggie for the week! ;)) + potato. I'm currently eating this meal, so I'd better go find some fat to add.

I've had some good days lately. I'm just happy and more confident. I love it. :D 

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