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Alternative to cheesecloth for clarified butter?


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14 minutes ago, Cathy125 said:

After using, I generally rinse it out well in the sink with warm water/dishsoap then throw itin the washing machine with towels/ washcloths etc and

hang it out to air dry.  Been using the same piece of cloth for over a year now.

Glad to hear that.  I would love to try reusing it also...




I have tried other things with limited success.  Paper towels are not quite porous enough... nor are coffee filters.  I have a yogurt strainer that I recently tried as well.  It worked better than most things but some of the protein solids still got through.  A very small amount of that is going to get through anyway, but it will settle to the bottom of whatever container you are storing your ghee in before the whole batch solidifies, so just leave the last bit in the bottom of the jar.

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