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Naomi's September Whole30 Log


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DAY 16, cont.

Snack 1:  coffee w/ coconut cream

Meal 2: lettuce, salmon salad, poached egg

Pre-WO: kombucha and a couple teaspoons coconut oil (separately, ha)

Workout: 2-mile run. This run was way better! My stomach and legs felt fine the whole time. I was pretty slow, but that's probably more because I haven't been running much since the beginning of the year. Got slower as I ran, so probably a pacing issue and I just need to keep at it.

Post-workout: a bit of sweet potato and chicken

Meal 3: chicken, brussels sprouts, a chunk from a very large avo. (maybe something else? I can't really remember. This meal wasn't that big, though) + a handful green grapes and half an apple w/ cinnamon + apple-cinnamon herbal tea

Snack 1: Could not sleep (first time having insomnia this bad in months) and I was really hungry. I'd guess not enough protein today b/c all my meals were a bit light on the protein (I ran out this week and just went grocery shopping day 16/Saturday. Protein is expensive, no matter what, so I have to convince myself to eat enough sometimes). So I ate, at like 2 a.m. after a few glasses of water, some brussels sprouts, wilted greens, about 1/2 of a chicken apple sausage. Didn't sleep super well.

DAY 17

Meal 1: leftovers from my 2 a.m. snack (brussels, greens, 1/2 sausage) w/ extra greens + 2 fried eggs + small potato, sauteed + Cholula

Workout: 45 min.-1 hour bike ride

Post-WO: small apple, black decaf coffee, egg white powder w/ water

Meal 2: cabbage and onions + 1/3 lb. beef patty + Whole30 ketchup + avocado

Day 17, Meal 3: roasted veg (eggplant, onion, zucchini, pepper) + chicken + mayo + a cup of tomato/carrot/pepper soup w/ coconut cream + some tastes of veggies from meal prep

DAY 18

NOTES: Slept okay. Woke up w/ gas and bloating in the a.m. The bottom portion of my stomach was distended/swollen--it's been worse in the past, but still uncomfortable. I think this is a combination of things: shifting my eating pattern so my last meal was really late for one, but mostly the cruciferous veg (tons of cabbage and brussels sprouts). I think onions and garlic are okay, b/c I have been using them in most of my food prep w/ no major problems. But I really do not like that I can't handle more than a serving a day of cruciferous veg--I love them so much! I'll have to keep an eye on that this week. Not sure if anything else is contributing. Felt way better after using bathroom mid-morning.

Meal 1: ~1/3 sweet potato, braised carrots and beets (about 1/2 cup) w/ ghee and cinnamon + three chicken/beef meatballs + green beans

Snack 1: coffee w/ coconut cream

Meal 2: GT's gingerberry kombucha + butternut squash cooked w/ garlic and a few brussels sprouts + chicken + ghee + cabbage and onions + handful of wilted greens (arugula/spinach) + a cup of tomato/carrot soup w/ coconut cream

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DAY 18, cont.

Meal 3: 1/3 lb. beef patty + lettuce, arugula, spinach + garlic dill kraut + cucumber and red pepper + mayo + lemon

Workout: 1 hour swim

Post-WO: 2 meatballs, a couple bites each sweet potato and beets

Acid reflux this afternoon/evening for the first time. I thought I would switch up my soups and tomato soup sounded like a good idea... NOPE. Pretty sure it's the tomatoes. My stomach has still been a bit tender the rest of today. Upped the probiotic foods (kombucha and kraut) and will try cutting back on the cruciferous veg for the rest of the week. And the tomatoes. 

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DAY 19

Meal 1: 3 meatballs, some sweet potato, beets and carrots, ghee, a spoonful of mayo, green beans, wilted greens

Meal 2: small cup coffee w/ coconut cream, HB egg, 3 meatballs, butternut squash, some tomato/carrot soup repurposed as sauce (a few spoonfuls), 1 zucchini sauteed, ghee

Meal 3: a whole bunch of chicken, lettuce and spinach, red bell pepper, cucumber, a small handful cashews + mayo, ACV, lemon juice dressing + garlic dill kraut + a small handful blueberries and half a small apple (in salad)

Workout: 1 hour bike ride

Post-WO: smoothie w/ egg white, almond milk, frozen peach/nectarine, small handful blueberries, lemon

Meal/mini-meal 4: 2 meatballs, carrots and beets, a bit of sweet potato w/ ghee, green beans + apple-cinnamon herbal tea

Was still hungry this evening--like legit. hungry and suspected I was going to be. Note to self: always make more meatballs than you think you'll eat. Always. I feel good today! Not super tired, mood good, no digestive problems, stomach felt good, workout felt good. Food tastes SO good. Yay food!

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DAY 20

Meal 1: chicken, tomato/carrot sauce, butternut squash, spinach, beets and carrots + coffee w/ coconut cream

Snack 1: apple-cinnamon tea

Meal 2: HB egg, 3 meatballs, sweet potato, beets and carrots, ghee, green beans

Meal 3: 3-egg scramble w/ 1 meatball, 1/2 zucchini, spinach, mushrooms, onion, bell pepper + 1/2 avo. + salsa

Mild acid reflux after dinner. Ugh. I swear this did not used to happen with tomatoes ... or maybe I just didn't notice. But salsa! Mannn.

Snack 1: bone broth w/ ghee and ACV

DAY 21

Meal 1: three meatballs, fried egg, bit of sweet potato w/ ghee, carrots and beets, bn squash w/ brussels, 1/2 avo + coffee w/ coconut cream

Pre-WO: 1 meatball

Workout: strength training, testing maxes

Post-WO: chicken and bit of sweet potato

Meal 2: chicken salad (chicken w/ mayo, grapes, apples, green onion, HB eggs, bell pepper, cucumber, cashews, lime) + lettuce w/ ACV

Workout 2: 3 mile run + 1 mile walk

Post-WO: egg white powder w/ frozen peaches and canteloupe, almond milk, lime, a few coconut flakes and a little almond butter on top

Meal 3: ginger-peach water kefir + beef patty w/ kimchi, 1/3 avocado, mayo, lettuce + sweet potato/carrot fries (1/2 sweet potato, 1 carrot) w/ mayo and Whole30 ketchup + a cup of veggie soup (zucchini, eggplant, carrot, mushroom, tomato ...)

Snack 1: apple-cinnamon tea

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DAY 22

Meal 1: chicken salad, 1/3 sweet potato

Meal 2: 1/2 zucchini, cabbage and onions, chicken-apple sausage, 1 egg, 1/2 avocado, some mayo

Meal 3: chicken salad, butternut squash and brussels, fried egg, cinnamon-apple tea

DAY 23

Snack 1: coffee, black

Meal 1: 4 oz. pork, green beans, butternut squash, 1 egg, cinnamon, 1/2 avocado + banana w/ coconut oil

Meal 2: 1 chicken apple sausage, rest of cabbage/onions, 1 small sauteed zucchini, 2 eggs, avocado

Meal 3: small salad (lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers) w/ oil and balsalmic vinegar, baked potato w/ ghee, 2 large slices turkey breast (restaurant meal) + a few grapes.

I thought going out would be easier than it was this time. Looked at the menu beforehand and it seemed like there were things that would work, but had to forego basically half my meal. It ended up okay, but my turkey came with some gravy on top. Don't know the ingredients, but 97% sure it probably had flour or corn starch in it. AHH. And I had tried really hard to make sure my meal was compliant! SO MANY requests! Today I have cystic acne (one zit) on my jawline, and my skin has been pretty much clear up until now, so although I felt fine after the meal, the acne pretty much confirms that I probably ingested gluten of some sort (this was the reaction when I reintroduced before). I'm not going to restart because the main reason I'm doing Whole30 is to test reintros of other foods, and I'm not going to keep going all the way through October and my birthday. But I am going to re-introduce slowly. I'm annoyed about it because this Whole30 had been perfect up until now and I honestly don't want to do another one. Ever. Or at least not for a really long time. Doing multiple Whole30s is not my goal and isn't healthy for the long-term, at least for me, I think.  So this is a personal decision to not restart because I'll be able to get what I wanted from Whole30 (a blank slate for certain dairy, grains, and legumes) without restarting. I (really, really, really) wish it was perfect, but this time I need to override my perfectionism/anxiety. I will probably wait at least a month to re-test gluten, though.

DAY 24

Meal 1: coffee w/ coconut cream + pork, green beans, spinach, 1 egg, turmeric and cinnamon, mushrooms, 1/2 avocado

Snack 1: a few pieces of cornish hen

Meal 2: Tilapia and roasted asparagus and zucchini

Mini-meal: roasted veg (sweet potato, potato, celery, carrots, onion) + ghee + spinach + a piece cornish hen (roasted w/ balsalmic vinegar and garlic) + grapes w/ coconut cream + cinnamon-apple tea

DAY 25

Meal 1: pork, green beans, mushrooms, turmeric and cinnamon, fried egg, spinach, 1/3 sweet potato w/ ghee

Snack 1: v. small black coffee

Snack 2: coffee w/ coconut cream, 8-10 salted almonds, apple w/ cinnamon

Meal 2: chicken salad + lettuce w/ ACV

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DAY 26

Meal 1: Same as yesterday, minus the egg

Snack 1: coffee w/ coconut cream

Meal 2: Chicken salad, arugula, 1/4 avocado, ACV, dill garlic kraut

Workout: Weight training

Post-WO: egg white powder, almond milk, frozen peaches/canteloupes

Snack 2: apple w/ cinnamon and small handful almonds

Meal 3: marinated broiled steak, roasted veg (eggplant, pepper, zucchini, onion), some spaghetti squash and arugula, mayo

Snack 3: banana w/ coconut oil and almond butter

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DAY 27

Meal 1: 3 eggs scrambled, roasted veg (potato, swt. pot., celery, carrots), handful wilted spinach, ghee, piece of cornish hen

Meal 2: Chicken salad, arugula w/ ACV, garlic dill kraut

Snack 1: coffee w/ coconut cream, apple pie Larabar

Meal 3: burger patty, fried egg, roasted veg (both zucchini and potato mix), mayo

Workout: 1 hour master's swim

Post-WO: 1/3 sweet potato and 1 chicken-apple sausage (I think I ate too much here, stomach felt uncomfortable for a while)

NOTES: I've been biking to work every day instead of driving, which adds about an hour of biking to my day. I've noticed I've been getting a lot hungrier in the mornings and afternoons, so I've been eating more snacks yesterday/today--I think I need to plan a snack I can eat every day on high-activity days. I can't fit much more into my meals.

DAY 28

Meal 1: Most of a chicken-apple sausage, two fried eggs, roasted veg (both zucchini and potato mix), wilted arugula, some ghee, mayo

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DAY 28, cont.

Meal 2: lemon kombucha, chicken salad, arugula

Snack: cold-brew coffee w/ lots of coconut cream

Meal 3: pork chorizo, lettuce and arugula, 2/3 roasted sweet potato, salsa, avocado

DAY 29

NOTES: Woke up this morning and had stomach pain and pretty urgent IBS-d. I have no idea why. The chorizo? Too much fat? Too much coffee? The chorizo didn't give me the same problems today, so I really don't know what happened. 

Meal 1: 1 chicken apple sausage, 1 egg, green beans, wilted arugula, 1/3 sweet potato, ghee

Meal 2: spaghetti squash, sundried tomatoes, chorizo, mushrooms, bok choy

Pre-WO: handful of almonds

Workout: strength training

Post-WO: egg whites, 1/2 banana, almond milk

Meal 3: 1 small potato, sauteed, 3 scrambled eggs w/ ghee, a couple pieces of bacon, 1/4 avocado, salsa, cholula

DAY 30

Meal 1: Same as yesterday M3

Workout: strength training, biking

Post-WO: RXbar + apple

Post giving blood: small can OJ

Snack: black iced coffee

Meal 2: a few handfuls grapes, sweet potato and carrot fries, 1/3 lb. burger, fried egg, lettuce, pickles, sundried tomatoes, lots of mayo

Wait I'm done! I'm at 30 days! I'll write up a summary of my experience tomorrow. On to reintroductions! On the plan for this week: dairy, some sweeteners, maybe wine next weekend. Hurray!

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Okay, here's a quick summary of my experience:

Weight/measurements: About the same. Weighed myself on Saturday, 153 w/ clothes and shoes so approx. the same weight as before I started. HOWEVER. Although my weight and waist size (~28 inches, snug, before and after) are about the same, I can tell my body looks different--my stomach is a bit flatter and my ab muscles are slightly more visible. Have been lifting all through this W30 ... feels like I replaced some fat w/ muscle, although I don't have a good way to measure. Forgot to take measurements before I started, currently B36 W28 H39, and I'm pretty sure that's an added inch on my butt since last time I measured, yay butt muscles! I didn't have a need to weigh myself all month and I am okay with the number on the scale (year ago me would've freaked out at 150+. Me now is mostly yay muscles!).

Cravings: Having cravings and needing to snack was getting out of hand before Whole30. Especially chips (which my boyfriend keeps around) and sweet/carby things, like granola and ice cream. I would randomly snack on something almost every afternoon. Don't have cravings for sweets or excessive snacks any more, and I'm a lot better at telling when my body is hungry and not just eating b/c I can/it's around etc. I can go hours and hours without eating, usually, and only get a little snack-y in the afternoons sometimes. This is a problem sometimes because once I get over the afternoon hump, I forget to eat and then sometimes eating my dinner WAY too late, like 9 p.m. Gotta work on that b/c I'm trying not to eat late at night/too close to bed.

Digestion: My digestion, except for one or two days, has been great! Going to bathroom regularly, which is a big deal for me, generally free of stomach pains, mild occasional bloating/gas when I eat things like cruciferous veggies, but I can always figure out what is causing it now (SO much better than just being frustrated at my body and not knowing WHY it was behaving a certain way!). I had acid reflux TWO TIMES this whole month, which is fantastic (used to happen on daily/weekly basis, unpredictably), and both were from too many tomatoes--now I know!

Sleep/energy/exercise: My mood/energy has been pretty consistent for the last few weeks. I've been sleeping well, getting enough sleep, and not having problems falling asleep except for one night. I am having a hard time staying focused some days, but I don't think that's W30. I figured out this month that the ideal time for me to work out is early afternoon (NOT in the evenings, b/c if I wait until then, half the time I am tired and decide against it) so I need to work on making that an ironclad part of my schedule. Haven't gone running for the past week or so, so I'm not sure if my runs got any better, although they definitely improved over the beginning of the month. My swim times improved--my fast 25m went from 30 seconds to 24 seconds! Maybe some day soon I won't be the slowest person at my Master's Swim! And I tested my maxes toward the end of the month so I could start a new program and definitely hit some PRs on bench and shoulder press. 

Food prep: I've food-prepped every weekend (shop on Saturday, prep on Sunday) and it's been a lifesaver for my budget and for my time. It is a big chunk of time on Sundays, but my week goes SO much better when I have food prepared. 

Other: Skin has been essentially clear since I started. Increased libido. Didn't get sick all month. A TON more self-awareness in terms of how my body's doing--even more so than round 1, am I much better at identifying what I want, how my body is feeling, why I am getting bloating, etc. (example: I've really honed in on my sweet spot for how much coffee I can handle--1 small cup--and can tell right away when I go over the limit). This month I was more conscious of what is seasonal and tried to eat seasonal/local produce as much as possible, which I'd like to continue doing. Can't think of anything else--on to reintroductions, the main reason I did this Whole30! I've moved to the Post-Whole30 Log section to track my reactions as I introduce new foods and keep a record so future me can't deceive myself about consequences!

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