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Possible gastritis after starting Whole 30


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I started my Whole 30 on July 21 and yesterday I reintroduced one food.

Between my 3rd and 4th week, I started getting stomach cramping - felt like high trapped gas.  This week, this has progressed to more of stomach pain which is gnawing at times and that hungry feeling.   Also had some ear pain that lasted for a while.   

I'm finally putting two and two together --- I have had laryngopharyngeal reflux in the past and was taking ranitidine prior to starting my Whole 30.  In addition to the stomach pains and crampiness, I noted this week that when I bend over, I can feel the acid in my nasal area.

So so much for the Whole 30 being a cure-all for so many ailments.  It is a bit frustrating.  I have a very sensitive body and have lots going on with it.   With all the testimonials in the book, I thought just maybe, this might cure some of my ills but instead appears to be exacerbating some.  Our bodies are so complex.

This makes it hard to reintroduce foods ---because if I already don't feel great -- how will I know if I have an issue with a food that is being reintroduced?  Frustrations, frustrations.

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