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2 minutes ago, Elizabeth Adams said:

I take the Melaleuca Peak performance vitamins. I really don't want to stop. They have improved my health greatly. Does anyone else take them? 

Are the ingredients compliant?  We would encourage anyone who is taking an over the counter vitamin with non compliant ingredients to stop taking them (find a compliant one or just go without for 30 days).  You will be getting enough variety of colorful veggies, protein and fat to more than account for the daily recommended intake of vitamins and they're more bioavailable in food than a pill manufactured in a lab... 

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So I just had a look at the labels and some of them have sugar in them which renders them non compliant but the CardiOmega one has soy which is hugely problematic so at the very very least I would really suggest you stop taking that one.  But honestly, try the Whole30 without them; you may find that you can save an awful lot of money in the long run by just eating real food :) 

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