Would that still be Whole30?

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I was preparing to start whole30. There is just one problem... it wouldn't be 30 days :( even if I buy everything tomorrow (Monday) and start cooking (I have a kind of a starting plan for meals, I just didn't have time to cook) I will be able to start on Wednesday, because I won't be home the next two days. And that would still be okay, but I need to leave to college in October. Which means I will leave home and my own kitchen on the 30.09 - and that is when I will be forced to stop the diet. I can't fool myself, when I leave there won't be so much time to cook (I need to study, study, study...), I won't have that much money (poor student) and what's even worse - I won't have fridge to keep the food that I'll cook, if I decide to cook for the whole week in advance. And I can't rely on what the restaurants will bring me (I will be in a "students' city" which will have tons of pizza, kebab and pasta and even if I find something compliant I will not be sure if they won't sneak anything forbidden in it). So it leaves me with 24 days of the challenge. 

Is it even worth trying? I mean there is a purpose why this is a 30 days diet. I didn't really feel any intolerance, I wanted to start it to get rid of my terrible sugar and diary addiction. Or maybe should I postpone it and now just try to it less sugar?

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The truth is, if it's not 30 days by the rules, it's not a Whole30. That said, there is no reason why you cannot adopt the way of eating for as long as you can and then go forth to college with what you learn about yourself and your relationship with food and try your best.  You won't get a chance to do reintroductions which is the main point of the program but 24 days is better than nothing!  Do the best you can while you have the opportunity because the healthier you are entering that stressful environment, the better off you'll be in the long run and when you CAN do a full 30 with reintros, I would encourage you to do so. :)  Good luck at school!

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