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Day 31 *happy dance*

Holly Johnson

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I started my whole30 on August 3rd because I was perpetually tired and had constant pain in my lower right intestine (which caused many false appendicitis scares) for about a year and a half. I was finally told it might be a reaction to food, that's when my mom bought me It Starts With Food, and now here I am!

Was it hard? No. Honestly, not hard. For the amount of sugar I had been eating I was surprised that my cravings didn't last past day 3 (with one really strong one on day 18 for some reason). I found a lot of great recipes and always donated grocery day to prepping so the recipes didn't take to long to make!

I don't know how many pounds or inches I lost in total. I don't have a scale and I didn't measure, but I think the pictures speak for themselves.


Loads of energy! After the first week, I got rid of all napping. I can even stay up longer at night! Now I'm doing more things, like going on walks or visiting family. I guess you could say I excercise more now since I don't spend days on the couch. XD

My pain disappeared after that first week too!

My heartbeat went from 87 to 69, yay!

I eat veggies and not homemade sweets all day (discovered a love for sweet potatoes).

I'm much happier now with how I feel as a whole and think I'll go on to do a whole90 once I figure out what my food triggers are. I'm certainly staying away from sugar for a very long time!



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After Elimination Diet

I followed the Elimination Diet, with a few exceptions to things I'm allergic too, and found out I have sensitivities to grains AND dairy. Not fun. (I tried gluten TWICE just to make sure and now I feel bad for doubting gluten free people in the past.) 

Both made me bloated and gave me horrible abdominal pain but only dairy made my lower right side pain come back. I'm working on figuring out if I can tolerate it cooked in food or not.

My taste buds changed drastically too. I tried my favorite sugar cookie yesterday *first sugar since I began the diet*. I tasted nothing but granulated sugar and I swear a pound of butter. Yuck. 

And for those who were worried about gaining a lot of weight back doing the Elimination Diet *like I was* here's a photo of me now, officially two sizes down and still losing the weight :)


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