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Can I take supplements whilst doing the Whole30?


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Hi all

Newbie to the site - I am beginning my Whole30 very soon and was wondering if it is OK to take supplements whilst doing it? I have searched and maybe it is just me but cant find any clarification on the matter.

At the moment Ive dipped into taking Vitamin D3, Fish Oil and Probiotics (albeit inconsistently and not sure at the right times). Can I take these and if so, what/when would be the best way to take these.

I'm hesitant to stop Vitamin D3 altogether as it is coming into winter (we had a sucky summer too) and I am pretty positive my levels are not optimal.

Any advice on this would be appreicated.


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Supplements are okay, just look to see that yours don't include soy, dairy, or sugar. It is amazing how often soy shows up. I take D3, fish oil, and a magnesium supplement myself. You might be interested in the Whole9 take on supplements...



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I took Fish Oil during mine, but I had to restart my Whole 30 two days into it because I found out that the vitamins I took had Soy in them. I finished my Whole 30 yesterday and decided not to start taking the vitamins again. I think I will just stick with the Fish Oil from now on.

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