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Starting Sept 7, converted from "free styling"


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Hi! My name is Katie and I live in a small town in BC, Canada. I'm starting Whole30 with my husband and some friends. 

I describe myself as a "picky-tarian" because previously when I lived in a larger city, I had easy access to quality meat and organic produce etc, and I ate that almost exclusively. Now, I live in a small town where the grocery store doesn't even have a butcher, and few items are available organically/farm raised/ocean safe/etc.

When I started thinking about doing the Whole30, I was going to do fish, eggs, and yogurt, because yogurt has been really important to me. But after reading a bunch of stuff on the forums, I've been convinced that I should do only one or the other, so I'm doing the "regular" with no beef, and very little pork and poultry. 

I'm excited!! 

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