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Real Foods = Real Me 11/14 Day One


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Hello! I'm wrapping up Day One here, and I must confess, I'm feeling great. I made and enjoyed a fantastic dinner that really hit the spot and for dessert...the Whole30 forum. :)

A brief history: Fifteen years of health problems/annoyances/irritations in conjunction with depression, anxiety and obesity had this 35 year old feeling 80. 80 and ticked off at the medical establishment, Weight Watchers, the Standard American Diet, you name it. I was a two-time half-marathoner, trail runner, cycle-touring triathlete who was morbidly obese. You want to explain to me how that works?!

I found a phenomenal chiropractor who listened to all my rantings and tears and told me I wasn't crazy. Something *was* wrong, and we would figure it out. Through a process of elimination I discovered intolerances to dairy, gluten, corn and xanthan gum. This avid cook and foodie certainly had some learning to do in the kitchen!

Now by default mostly Paleo, amazing things started happening. Health issues, emotional issues, mental issues...all resolved or in the process of healing. This was unbelievable! I was becoming the Real Me. I had missed me!

(Apology...I said "brief". Yeah, that ship sailed loooong ago.)

Since mid-June, I have lost about 62 lbs, which is just ridiculous. The fact that my dietary restrictions are not really a choice, but a necessity, makes it far easier to stay the course than any time I've tried to lose weight previously. I'm thrilled at my body and mind's progress thus far. But...

I feel like it's time for a bit more nutritional cleanup. I've still been a sucker for potatoes (in all their glorious forms!), and I enjoy having a drinky-drink in the evening (usually a spirit with sparkling water/fresh orange juice or lime juice). I have a few other niggling physical symptoms that I'm confident will be resolved with a Whole30 approach.

I have what feels to be a great attitude about this next 30 days. I choose to view the nutritional choices I make with a mindset taken from glutenfreegirl.com: I choose to say "Yes!" to all the amazing foods I can eat rather than dejectedly saying, "No, I can't.".

I look forward to seeing and feeling what Whole30 does for me. What's it doing for you?

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