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Restart even though everyone thinks I am crazy

Feel better me

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So, I thought I would log any progress this time...the story goes on day 22, my friend invited us for breakfast and made eggs with rice bran oil...should have been smarter! When I mentioned the next day that I was so upset that I had to restart so said I was being ridiculous. i ma not sure my hubby understood that I have to restart either although I have his full support. 

Alright whole30, you have 30 more days. I decided to do the whole 30 because I have not been able to sleep very well in the last 8 months and figured it was food related. The last 22 days have been awful but I persevered hoping that something in my body would realise that I was now being kind to it but here I am at the end of day 1 back to feeling bloated and not being able to sleep.

Minor adjustments I am making with this: fewer nuts and fruit, next to go with be potatoes because while sleep has been an issue, I have never experienced this horrible bloating before ( and no, I am not eating huge amounts of hard boiled eggs or broccoli or any other thing that would cause the bloating!)

Let's see how this goes, harder this time because there is a short vacation involved around day 20...try my best!

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