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Tired & leg aches & sneezing


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Hi all,


immso glad lad you are here! I'm on Day #7 needed to start a few days early) and I'm so exhausted. I'm sneezing sometimes (no head cold) and my legs ache as if I've just finished a very long run. I haven't had any negative issues until today. I don't believe I'm sick- luckily I rarely get sick and highly doubt it's a cold. I did only get 5 hours of sleep 2 nights ago but slept a full 8 last night. Anybody have insights here, please?

thank much! So happy for all of us - getting healthy together!

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Hey @Sunshine1 & welcome to the forums :)

The leg aches will likely be from a lack of sodium, potassium &/or magnesium. Are you taking a magnesium supplement? If not natural calm original is the favourite around here, but you can also opt for a mangesium citrate tablet, or a transdermal spray. Ensure you are salting your food, as switching to a whole food diet can cause a drop in sodium levels of around 75%, drink plenty of fluids & be sure to eat foods rich in potassium - bananas and avocados are a good place to start.

The tiredness is to be expected, particularly with so little sleep (really you should be aiming for 8hrs), but also due to the adjustment required by your body from burning sugar to burning fat. On the subject of fat - how much are you eating at each meal? Fat will provide satiety, brain health, but also energy so don't skimp on it as many people do in the early days....

If you're exercising are you including pre and/or post WO meals as well as your three template meals?

It would be helpful if you could list out what you have eaten over say the past 3-4 days - that way we'd be better equipped to help you troubleshoot...

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